Copenhagen 2021 appoints new CEO

The board of Copenhagen 2021 has appointed Pernille Drost as the new CEO of Copenhagen 2021

The board of Copenhagen 2021 has appointed Pernille Drost as the new CEO of Copenhagen 2021.

Pernille Drost will lead the efforts towards a successful EuroGames and WorldPride in Copenhagen and Malmö in August next year.

The project now enters its final and decisive phase, where the focus will be on finalising and executing the event in August 2021 according to the ambitions laid out in the bid.

With our new CEO at the helm, we now have both the leadership and the skilled staff in the organisation to carry out a top professional Copenhagen 2021. And expectations – from all over the world – are correspondingly high.

I am very happy, excited and proud to work with one of the largest international events and projects in Copenhagen and Malmö in 2021. Copenhagen 2021 stresses the need and the desire for a society where everyone can live safe and secure no matter who we are and who we love. Copenhagen 2021 is not a stand-alone event but an activist project with meaningful and sustainable collaborations – nationally and globally. Getting the opportunity to work with a combination of culture, volunteerism, activism, celebration, human rights and sports is very inspiring and life affirming. In this process, I can use everything I have learned so far in my personal and professional life, Pernille Drost says.

Experience with culture, politics and events

Pernille Drost is a member of Foreningen Roskilde FestivalBoard of Directors, former Deputy Director of The Danish Royal Library and former, long-time chair of the Danish Union of Librarians. In other words, Pernille has a documented passion for and experience with culture, political activism and big events.

With Pernille on board, I am convinced that we have got a new and competent CEO who can help fulfill the incredibly high ambitions we have set for Copenhagen 2021. We are now gearing up and entering a new phase where the focus is to execute on all the great plans our organization has been working on for the past few years. I’m looking forward to the collaboration and the fact that together we are creating the largest and most inclusive LGBTI+ event in Denmark, Chair of Copenhagen 2021, Ane Rindom says.

Pan Idræt and Copenhagen Pride are the official hosts of Copenhagen 2021 for the first ever joint celebration of WorldPride and EuroGames. Pan Idræt is hosting EuroGames and Copenhagen Pride is hosting WorldPride.

From now on, the development of the event will take decisive leaps forward. Now, is also the time when we really need to draw on the experiences and knowledge within Copenhagen Pride and Pan Idræt, which will help ensure the success of the event. For that matter, we need to collaborate with the entire rainbow community and all the many organizations that are working with inclusion and human rights. I also owe a special thanks to Lars Henriksen, who has taken on a great responsibility as interim event manager during the transition period until Pernille took office. He can take a lot of credit to the fact that we indeed are on the right track, Vice Chair of Copenhagen 2021, Christian Bigom says.


Copenhagen 2021 takes place from 12.-22. August 2021 in Copenhagen and Malmö and is the first ever joint celebration of WorldPride and EuroGames.

EuroGames in 2021 offers tournaments in 29 sports, an international sports leader conference and an extensive programme of inclusive popular sports events across Copenhagen and Malmö. Pan Idræt is the host of EuroGames. EuroGames is licensed by EGLSF – European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation.

WorldPride offers an extensive Human Rights programme, the Human Rights Forum, with a three-day international human rights conference, a democracy festival and an interparliamentary plenary assembly for parliamentarians from all over the world, at Christiansborg Palace, seat of The Danish Parliament. WorldPride also offers a large-scale cultural programme, open air concerts, thematic square and of course the Equality March – The WorldPride Parade – through Copenhagen. Copenhagen Pride is the host of WorldPride. WorldPride is licensed by InterPride – the global Pride organizers association.

Happy Copenhagen is a project organisation formed by Pan Idræt and Copenhagen Pride, to plan and execute Copenhagen 2021. The board of Happy Copenhagen appoints the CEO, who heads the secretariat. The staff of the secretariat develops and plans the event and include national and international stakeholders and key personnel in the two host organisations.

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