Global Equality Dialogues

Dialogue sessions will lead in to the Human Rights Forum in August.

Global Equality Dialogues

In addition to the digitalization of Human Rights Forum events, we created an online series of Global Equality Dialogues highlighting the pivotal themes and focus groups of the Human Rights Forum.

The series will be launched in the weeks leading up to our events in August. Each session will consist of two major components being a Forum Preview Session (pre-recorded) and a Dialogue/Network Session (live).

The Forum Preview Sessions contain a focus group statement, raising awareness of the respective group’s history, experiences, strategies to facilitate the group’s progress from exclusion to inclusion, and other relevant aspects. Additionally, the Forum Preview includes the core session which will address the theme in an engaging panel.

The Dialogue/Network Sessions are interactive calls to facilitate dialogue and network opportunities for the LGBTI+ community globally. Discussions can take place together, or in rooms to have conversations in smaller groups. The aim of the Dialogue/Network Sessions is to strengthen ties in, and work for, our community and to bring people together globally.

The following groups are among the focus groups:

  • BPOC community
  • Community members with disabilities
  • Indigenous community
  • Intersex community
  • Non-binary community
  • Refugee community
  • Trans community
  • Youth community

The following themes will be central to the core sessions: conversion therapy, decolonization and racism, decriminalization by 2030, forced displacement, arts and culture, Pride as a protest, and sports and inclusion.

Registration for participating in the Global Equality Dialogues will open in June and is free of charge.

To make the Global Equality Dialogues as inclusive as possible, we hope to offer free VPN subscriptions to participants in hostile environments. This should be confirmed before the end of May.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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