What is it like to be a rainbow/LGBTIQ parent or parent to be during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Break Out Session Round #5


The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted families worldwide. Rainbow families and LGBITQ perspective parents have faced specific challenges and their vulnerability increased. Different degrees of social and legal acceptance worldwide greatly influenced such situation. 

This workshop will discuss the national examples of Kenya and Thailand. 

The work of International Family Equality Day (IFED) in promoting family diversity and equality will also be presented highlighting the importance of empowering families and future parents as well as of building networks and alliances. 


Matcha Phorn-In


IFED Co-president and Founder & Director Sangsan Anakot Yawachon Development Project

Benny Odongo


IFED Co-president and Founder & Director Coast Women For Women

Benny is a Kenyan Trans Gender Non Conforming person,  a feminist and one of the flambi alumnae, human right defender, activist and a social worker by professional. 

Odongo is the founder and Director of Coast Women for Women. An organisation that catar for needs of Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer, Intersex, Trans and Gender Non Conforming (LBQ-ITGNC) parents and families, as well as future parents and families ( Rainbow families). 

Benny is one of the elected International Family Equality Day ( IFED) Co- president. They are blessed with a beautiful partner and two intelligent children.  

Benny is an extrovert, spiritual and very humble. They believe in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and FORGIVENESS. 

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