Refugees, Borders & Immigration Summit

400 Activists and politicians will discuss challenges regarding refugees, borders and immigration on Friday 20 August

Refugees, Borders & Immigration Summit

The Refugees, Borders and Immigration Summit will take place in the city of Malmö, Sweden. The theme of the Summit falls within the topic Borders, Decolonialization and Racism, one of the 10 topics of the Human Rights Forum.

The Summit

The Summit is taking place in Malmö, but the focus of the event itself is international and will target transnational situations. In close cooperation with executive partners Rainbow Railroad, ORAM, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch with the strong support of regional organizations working with the LGBTI+ refugee community and UNHCR, we are aiming for an inclusive event, covering contemporary situations and discussions.

We aim for a diverse range of speakers and participants comprising individuals with lived experiences (mainly refugees), activists, elected officials from different parts of the world, government ministers from the Nordic region and officials from international organizations.

Amsterdam Rainbow Dress

During the Summit the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress will be on display to highlight discussions regarding forces displacement and the rights of LGBTI+ refugees.

This is a short documentary about the project and story behind Amsterdam Rainbow Dress, a Dutch initiative, made of the national flags of all countries that criminalise LGBTI+ people. It portrays the ambition behind the project; to demand visibility through conversations on LGTBI+ rights worldwide. A film directed by Moa Wiking.

Immigration is a subject which generates significant public debate all over the world, including in Denmark and Sweden. These discussions are often seen as separate from discussions about LGBTI+ inclusion. LGBTI+ immigrants, asylum-seekers and refugees are often marginalized in discussions about the challenges facing the LGBTI+ community. Dedicating a full day to the topic will create space for in-depth exchanges and discussions.


Malmö is home to 184 nationalities that create the diverse and international DNA of the city. Copenhagen 2021 and Malmö Pride decided to organize the Summit in Malmö because of its long history of immigration and resettlement, which bring with it both challenges and opportunities.

When World War II ended, the Swedish Red Cross and the Danish government drove survivors from concentration camps through Denmark to Malmö in the well-known white buses. Survivors of the holocaust found refuge in the 15th century castle Malmöhus.

Furthermore, numerous people fled the former Yugoslavia during the last Balkan Wars and found their new home in Sweden. In the last decade, thousands of Syrian people had to flee their home country because of war, and many relocated to Sweden. Most people arrived in Malmö where, with great effort, civil society worked together with authorities and other organizations helping refugees to resettle.

Digital event

If you cannot attend the Refugees, Borders & Immigration Summit in person, you will be able to join and interact online.


20 August 2021


Interactive live stream


Registration for online participation will open in June.

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