Refugees, Borders & Immigration Summit

400 Activists and politicians will discuss challenges regarding refugees, borders and immigration on Friday 20 August

Refugees, Borders & Immigration Summit

The Refugees, Borders and Immigration Summit will take place in the third biggest city of Sweden, Malmö. Just a short train ride over one of the most famous bridges in Europe, connecting centuries old Scandinavian partners Denmark and Sweden.

Around 400 Activists, politicians and other interested people will discuss the challenges regarding refugees, borders and immigration in the Nordic region, on the continent, and in the world.

This event will take place on Friday 20th August 2021 and is the official closing of the Human Rights Forum. This international event will be organized in cooperation with different civil society organizations from both Malmö and Copenhagen, a small number of Executive International Partners and in collaboration with the City of Malmö and Malmö Pride.

Further information on the Summit will be published later in 2020.


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Image: LGBT Asylum at Copenhagen Pride. Copyright LGBT Asylum, Denmark.

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