Sphere Session 3: SGLCC & EGLCC

How Can an LGBTIQ Chamber of Commerce help to increase social inclusion and foster Entrepreneurship?

LGBTIQ Business Chambers play an important role for LGBTIQ businesses and the entrepreneurship within the community. We provide insights from regional and national chambers in Europe, from a Scandinavian perspectice, SGLCC outwards in Europe and we showcase how a common platform, EGLCC, work on Supplier diversity, and how your business can stand to benefit.


Tobias Hofelt


Chair of SGLCC & Co-founder of EGLCC

Pavel Subrt


Co-founder East Meets West & Co-founder EGLCC

Norbert Grillitsch


IGLBC, Italian LGBT Chamber

Fabienne Stordiau


GGLBC, German LGBT Chamber

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