Long-term Roles

Become a long-term volunteer and help us deliver an amazing event!

Long-term Roles

On this page you’ll find all the current vacancies we have for long-term volunteers in our various teams in Copenhagen. Click on the role title to see the full description and information on how to apply.

Positions in Malmö is found here.

Copenhagen 2021 General

The General Team is responsible for the organisational work within the Copenhagen 2021 organisation.

WorldPride Team

Our WorldPride team are responsible for the two Parades, Signature Parties, programming and receptions.

No current positions

EuroGames Team

Our EuroGames team manages everything to do with sports activities, including tournaments, the Sports Leader Conference and Sports Village.

Human Rights Team

Our Human Rights team manage six events focused on global LGBTI+ equality, including the Human Rights Conference, the 1:1 Democracy Festival, and the Refugees, Borders & Immigration Summit.

Culture Team

Our Culture team lead the organisation of our own culture events as well as liaison with external culture partners.

Production Team

Our Production team are the people who bring all our plans to life, managing stages, security, logistics and planning.

No current roles

Communications Team

Our Communications team delivers all our marketing, digital and communications activities, including our virtual events.

Not seen a role for you?

Send your CV/resumé to volunteer@copenhagen2021.com and our team will get back to you!

Image: Andreas Paulsson

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