EuroGames 2021 was an LGBTI+ inclusive sporting event which included 22 sports and took place from Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 August in Copenhagen and Malmö.


22 different sports tournaments

EuroGames at Copenhagen 2021 was a four-day sporting event that took place from 18 to 20 August and had an amazing sports programme including 22 sports tournaments, a public programme called Sports to the People, a Sports Leader Conference and Sports Village. The tournaments took place across Copenhagen and Malmö.

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All tournaments included series for female, male and non-binary identified players, and some team sports included a league for mixed-gender teams.

Sports to the People

Sports to the People was an addition to the regular and recognised tournaments that make up the backbone of EuroGames. Sports to the People was a public programme that included a number of drop-in sports for all the people living and visiting Copenhagen and Malmö during Copenhagen 2021.

These popular sporting events took place in several squares, parks and venues across Copenhagen and they were held throughout the week of Copenhagen 2021.

Sports Leader Conference

The Sports Leader Conference took place Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 August 2021 and had two key purposes: to empower LGBTI+ sports clubs in Europe and to foster more inclusivity in the athletic community.

The conference gave LGBTI+ clubs around Europe concrete tools to improve their day-to-day operations through better volunteer management and fundraising, while professional sports federations and mainstream clubs were given concrete tools to break down the barriers that LGBTI+ athletes are currently facing.

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Sports Village

Sports Village was a place where all the athletes and other sports interested participants could meet up with friends or like-minded people. It was possible to engage in sports, celebrate each other’s achievements, grab a bite to eat or drink, take a swim, watch sports or just enjoy the relaxing atmosphere together while celebrating EuroGames.

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EuroGames is licensed by the European Gay & Lesbian Sports Federation and was hosted by Pan Idræt

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