About Copenhagen 2021

We’ve been named the best place to be LGBTI+ and we’ll bring that to life through our ten-day event from 12-22 August 2021

About Copenhagen 2021

Welcome to Copenhagen 2021, the most significant LGBTI+ event in 2021 combining WorldPride, EuroGames, an eclectic arts and culture program, and the biggest ever LGBTI+ human rights forum. And #YouAreIncluded!

For decades Denmark has been amongst the most progressive nations in the world for LGBTI+ equality. We decriminalised homosexuality in 1933. Gender confirmation surgery first took place here in 1951. We introduced anti-discrimination legislation in 1987 and two years later legalised same-sex partnerships. More recently, in 2014, we became the first country to allow a legal change of gender without requiring prior medical approval, and in 2017 were the first to remove being transgender from the list of mental illnesses. We know Denmark has further to go but equality and human rights are in our DNA.

Sweden is also known as one of the most progressive countries in the world for LGBTI+ rights. We decriminalised homosexuality in 1944. In 1972, Sweden became the first country in the world to legally allow sex reassignment surgery. Discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression became illegal in 1987. More recently, in 2013, the requirement of sterilisation to change one’s legal gender was abolished. What makes Sweden one of the most LGBTI-friendly countries is that people continue to press for further improvements in LGBTI+ equality.


Twenty-five years after the first Copenhagen Pride, we will host WorldPride to celebrate and advocate for LGBTI+ equality worldwide. We’ll bring as many as 750,000 people to Copenhagen and Malmö (in Sweden, just a 20 minute journey across the iconic Øresund Bridge) for two Parades, signature parties, and opening and closing ceremonies at Rådhuspladsen – where that first civil partnership was celebrated back in 1989.


Six thousand athletes will join us to participate in the biggest EuroGames ever, with tournaments taking place in 29 different sports. Tournaments are open to spectators, and visitors can also take part in the ‘Sports to the People’ program of ‘drop-in’ sports including Drag Olympics, roller-skating, bicycle workshops and rainbow family sports.

The Sports Leader Conference will empower LGBTI+ sports groups to foster more inclusivity, and the Sports Village at Islands Brygge will be an open space for people to meet, engage in street sports, celebrate achievements and watch on big screens.

Arts & Culture

Across both cities the Arts & Culture program will include more than 100 events and four spaces curated by our own team:

  • ‘Fluids’ at Gammel Strand, a space for embracing the fluidity within gender identity, expression and sexuality
  • ‘Arcadia’, a sensory recluse at Rådhushaven
  • ‘Centre of Attention’ at Huset-KBH and Vandkunsten for under 18s
  • ‘Rainbow Children’ at BLOX, a space for breaking the binary in the most playful way for children and their families.

Human Rights Forum

The Human Rights Forum includes an opening event at UN City, a three-day Human Rights Conference at Øksnehallen, a five-day public participation event based on the Danish ‘Folkemødet’, an Assembly for parliamentarians at Christiansborg Palace, and a Summit on Refugees, Borders and Immigration taking place in Malmö.

#YouAreIncluded … and invited!

Through these four pillars of our event we’ll show that no matter who you love or how you identify, #YouAreIncluded at Copenhagen 2021.

We’ve been named the best place to be LGBTI+ and we’ll bring that to life through our ten-day event from 12-22 August 2021. We look forward to welcoming you!

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