#YouAreIncluded: The Podcast

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#YouAreIncluded: The Podcast

The #YouAreIncluded podcast from Copenhagen 2021 fills your ears every Thursday with inclusive discussions about sport, human rights, arts and culture, and Pride.

Hosted by cultural historian Anders Larsen – aka drag artist Chantal al Arab – with diverse and international guests, each episode focuses on a different element of Copenhagen 2021. Expect interviews, discussions, audio tours, event previews and a whole lot more.

Episode 2: EuroGames

In the latest episode Anders talks to Erika Patrikainen of EGLSF, Christian Bigom of Pan Idræt and Katja Moesgaard of Copenhagen 2021 about the upcoming EuroGames at Copenhagen 2021. And he interviews Jon Lee Olsen, the Danish national team Ice Hockey Player about coming out in sport.

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Forthcoming episodes

  • Introduction to the Arts & Culture program (Thursday 28 January)
  • Introduction to the Human Rights Forum (Thursday 4 February)
  • Introduction to WorldPride (Thursday 11 February)
  • The Love? Episode (Thursday 18 February)

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Host: Anders Larsen
Producer: Anders Guldberg
Coordinator: Jemma Tracey

Produced by hearHEAR for Copenhagen 2021

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