Inclusive Sports Forum and Stadium District Malmö

The Stadium District is the heart of EuroGames 2021 in Malmö.

Inclusive Sports Forum and Stadium District Malmö

Live stream Inclusive Sports Forum Thursday, August 19 10.00-14.15.

Located in the center of Malmö the Stadium District is one of Europe’s biggest urban sports areas. It has a long history of combining sports and music events; from hosting the Davis Cup to the artist BB King.

From 18-20 August one of the EuroGames sport disciplines will take place at the Statium District, the Figure Skating.

Inclusive Sports Forum

The Stadium District will also be home of the Inclusive Sports Forum. A two-day event highlighting the importance of inclusion in sports. It will be the number one place for you to celebrate EuroGames in between the tournaments, talks and debates.

Through a mix of inspirational keynotes, panel debates and discussions with representatives from the local sports associations, we will direct the spotlight toward inclusion of the LGBTI+ community in sports. 



Wednesday 18 August 2021

The first day will focus on the local sports community and will be held in Swedish. The clubs and associations based in the region of Malmö will be our main participants, along with a group of handpicked guests.  

Thursday 19 August 2021

On the second day the focus shifts towards our international guests. We invite a number of well known speakers to help promote the importance of inclusion of LGBTQ+ athletes in sports through sharing their own, personal stories and experiences. This day will be held in English.

Host will be Rickard Söderberg, one of the most beloved artists in Sweden. Aside from singing on stage in the grand opera- and concert houses, he is a popular guest in entertainment shows on Swedish TV as well as in significant debate and culture shows. Apart from being a popular singer, Rickard is a prominent figure speaking for human rights and the LGBTQ+ movement. 

0945 – 1000: Introduction 

1000 – 1100: Maria Rooth 

Maria Rooth comes from a long career as an international ice hockey player. She has won several medals, played in male teams and she has been representing Sweden in 265 international matches. In a male dominated and macho sport, Maria has been forced to fight to get the space and recognition she wants and deserves. With her goals set high, and with dedication and willpower in her every move, Maria succeeded in creating a grand career. In her inspirational lecture she will tell us all about it.  

1100 – 1200: Lotta Schelin 

With 88 goals in 185 matches, Lotta Schelin is the national team’s leading scorer of all time. In the blue-yellow colors, she has also won Olympic silver and World Cup bronze.

During her eight successful years at the French big club Lyon, she won the league eight times, the cup five times and the Champions League three times. Lotta Schelin is one of Sweden’s foremost football players of all time. But apart from football, who is she?

In this lecture, Lotta Schelin will talk about her experiences from a life in football, about how inclusive her sport has been throughout her career, but also how incredibly exclusive the same sport can be in another locker room or in another arena.

1300 – 1400: Tobias Karlsson 

Dancer and choreographer Tobias Karlsson became a Swedish household favourite in TV4 Let’s Dance, where he has been seen teaching our national celebrities to move their hips on TV. But his journey has definitely not been easy. In his lecture, Tobias tells his story about growing up feeling lost and lonely, subjected to bullying. He tells us about his struggle with bullying and coming out as gay, but also about when he finally found his true self, and the freedom and strength to not let go of something you love. 

1400 – 1415: Discussion + end 

How to get there?

It is a 15-minute walk from Triangeln station to the Stadium District. From Copenhagen Central station, it will take you roughly 30 minutes by train or car.

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