Rainbow Children @ BLOX

Where children and their families can break the binary in the most playful way

Rainbow Children @ BLOX

For the children’s area at Copenhagen 2021 focus will be on creating a loving, caring, and playful area where rainbow children and children alike will feel welcome and at ease. An area where we break the binary and invite for the play on gender and pronouns.

Situated at BLOX, Copenhagen 2021’s Rainbow Children will play with the square and boxy look of the Danish Architecture Centre that the square adjoins. At Rainbow Children we play outside the box, next to it and on it.

At Rainbow Children we are proud to be who we are, and we practice saying this aloud. Here, you can expect Drag Story Hour, tiny concerts, workshops, dancing and so much more.

The program at Rainbow Children @ BLOX will be created by the artist collective De Sceneste, who have a background in the world of performing arts for children. The square will feature installations, workshops and events that are all in some sense a reflection on the word interactive. During school hours there will be a program that is connected to learning, knowledge and developing competencies.

The adults will not be left out at Rainbow Families @ BLOX. They can network with other rainbow parents and their allies while enjoying the moment and lounging at the adjoining café.

Opening times

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