WorldPride House

WorldPride House was the heart of Copenhagen 2021 in Malmö and hosted more than 100 seminars and workshops.

WorldPride House

For eleven days the concert and congress hall Malmö Live was transformed into WorldPride House. A safer space for the community and everyone visiting WorldPride in Malmö.

Watch many sessions again on the Vimeo channel.

A safe place to talk

By creating a safer space, WorldPride House was all about amplifying and questioning everything that the Pride Movement is about. The program was created by and with the community. Issues related to human rights, politics, sexuality, health, culture, work, family and violence were discussed together with a wide range of lectures, workshops and debates with activists, associations, lecturers, researchers and experts joining in.

Interaction and digital spaces

To create an interactive space, lectures were mixed with workshops, courses and DIY-activities. Social and recreational spaces invited visitors to hang out and to ‘just be’. Various pop-up exhibits were available to all visitors in different parts of the house.

It was important for us to reach as many people as possible. This includes everyone who is not able to come and visit WorldPride House. Several lectures were streamed in real time.

Main topics of the WorldPride House program

  • Sexuality, identity and relations

Who fits within the LGBTIQA+ umbrella? How is the heteronorm challenged today and how has it historically affected society, culture and individuals who identify as LGBTIQA+? When norms about relationships and family constellations are challenged, why does it still stand out in the eyes of many?

  • Politics and law

What is the political situation for LGBTIQA+ people in the world like today? What legal conditions are still lacking for LGBTIQA+ people to be able to live the life they want?

  • Work life

How widespread is the discrimination against LGBTIQA+ people in today’s labor market? What are today’s best practices for workplace inclusion?

  • Economics and business

How inclusive is the business community when it comes to companies run by LGBTQIA+ people and who are the entrepreneurs? Who are the companies that conduct genuine inclusion work and how do they do it? How do we measure financial vulnerability and what parameters come into play?

  • Health

What does minority stress mean and how does it affect us? How inclusive is today’s healthcare and wellness? What support is available and what is missing?

  • Culture

When norms about gender and identity are challenged, how does it affect art and culture? What role do cultural creators play in broadening perspectives and opinions? How can artistic and creative expressions become more inclusive? The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress will be on display to highlight discussions regarding forced displacement and the rights of LGBTIQ+ refugees.

  • Sports, leisure and health

How do sports include LGBTIQA+ people in sports who are usually built on the idea that there are only two genders and two gender identities? What does the access look like to be able to take part of and have an inclusive, meaningful and safe leisure time?

  • Academia and education

What research is being conducted that is relevant to the other tracks in Pride House? What internal work are the universities and academia doing in general to become more inclusive? How inclusive is today’s primary school? And what does it look like at other educational institutions?

  • Human Rights

How come over 70 countries still have LGBTQIA + discriminatory legislation? What responsibility does the rest of the world have to change that?

One of the main topics in the human rights track is the LGBTIQ+ refugee situation with the international Refugees, borders and immigration summit on 20 August, WorldPride House is drawing extra attention to the situation of LGBTI+ refugees. Several events are planned leading up to the Summit, focusing on different parts of the refugee issue. The summit is part of the Copenhagen 2021 Human Rights Forum.

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