Sports Village

A place to meet, to stay a while, to enjoy the surroundings, and to spectate

Sports Village
  • Tuesday 17 – Friday 20 August 2021
  • Islands Brygge Havnepark, Copenhagen

Sports Village is a space for athletes and other visitors to engage in sports-related and cultural activities, and celebrate each other in a relaxing atmosphere. Sports Village is located at Islands Brygge, just next to the Copenhagen Harbour Baths where you can bathe both in the water and in the sun.

During the opening hours, visitors can enjoy food and beverages and relax, socialise, meet new people, or dive into active participation of various events such as sports workshops and tournaments, discussions or just celebrate each other’s achievements in a unique environment.

Plenty of active and fun activities will be there to charm people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds – all you need to do is bring your positivity and enjoy the good rainbow vibes!

The Sports Village will also host Chess, Bridge and Line Dance tournaments, it will be the starting point for the EuroGames Opening Ceremony, and it will open in extension of the Sports Leader’s Conference.

Image: Jacob Friis Saxberg from Denmark / CC BY

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