Sports Village

A place to meet, to stay a while, to enjoy the surroundings, and to spectate

Sports Village
  • Tuesday 17 – Friday 20 August 2021
  • Islands Brygge Havnepark, Copenhagen

Sports Village will provide a beautiful scenery with green areas, petanque courts, a cultural venue, a playground, asphalted areas for skating and basketball, and a beach volley court.

In addition, Sports Village will be located just by the Copenhagen harbour baths, were you can dive, swim, play kayak polo and engage in other water sports.

Sports Village will be a place that invites for participants to stay a while, when they are not at a sporting event. At the same time, Sports Village will welcome those participating in WorldPride at Copenhagen 2021, as well as neighbours and other visitors interested in taking part in and experiencing Copenhagen 2021 and Sports Village.

The Sports Village will open in extension of the Sports Leader’s Conference.

Image: Jacob Friis Saxberg from Denmark / CC BY

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