Copenhagen 2021 from vision to reality


Four months on from WorldPride and EuroGames in Copenhagen and Malmö, at the end of December 2021 we published a comprehensive Report on how Copenhagen 2021 was taken from a vision to reality.


Download the full report (approx 16MB PDF):

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  1. Introduction by our Chairpersons
  2. Summary of Achievements
  3. The Organisation
  4. Values & Strategies
  5. COVID19
  6. WorldPride
  7. EuroGames
  8. Arts & Culture
  9. Human Rights
  10. Digital Program
  11. Communications & Marketing
  12. Includers
  13. Partners & Sponsors
  14. Financial Summary
  15. The Legacy of Copenhagen 2021
  16. The Copenhagen 2021 Team
  17. Thanks and Acknowledgements


Editor: Steve Taylor

Translation: Kiriakos Mavropoulos & Louise Østergaard Sørensen

Content: Benjamin Hansen, Bo Madsen, Eva Bøggild, Jemma Tracey, Kieron Yates, Kiriakos Mavropoulos, Lars Henriksen, Laura Goret, Milena Kocic, Steve Taylor

Design: Camilla Asra Engelby

Partners and Sponsors

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