Embracing the fluidity within gender identity, gender expression and sexuality with programming consisting of 100% women, non-binary and genderqueer identities


Focusing in on the fluidity of gender expression, sexuality, and gender identity, FLUIDS offers up an inclusive space for female-identified, non-conforming and non-binary identities. 

At FLUIDS the programming sets forth an intention of pushing the current gender representation in music, arts and culture. Expect talks, live music, DJ-sets, performance and installation art with a cross-aesthetic approach. 

FLUIDS will be a place for expression set across Gammel Strand Torv. At the stage and dispersed throughout the area there will be industrial strength soap bubble machines, that give shape to the medium of FLUIDS and create their own self-contained rainbows.

Each of the four streets leading into FLUIDS will be marked with an entrance portal that clearly draws a line between the rest of Copenhagen and FLUIDS. This is without a doubt a different place than usual. 


13-21 August 2021 

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