Fluid Festival

Set on the beautiful canalside at Gammel Strand, Fluid Festival is our celebration of women, genderqueer and non-binary people and identities.

Fluid Festival

Focusing in on the fluidity of gender expression, sexual orientation, and gender identity, Fluid Festival offers up an inclusive space for female-identified, genderqueer, non-conforming and non-binary people.

Fluid Festival is Copenhagen2021’s second largest venue. With room for 4,000 guests, we will proudly move through a nine-day colourful program full of concerts, debates, speeches, performances, and installations. The program will be a representation of women and non-binary identities, that embraces, respects and challenges the understanding of gender expression.

Our festival is located along the canal on one of the most beautiful places, Gammel Strand, in the centre of Copenhagen. Gammel Strand has a rich history of the nonconforming: from women claiming their independence by selling fish along the shore to Natalie Zahle moving her expanding and revolutionary girls-school into the building that now houses a modern art institution. Gammel Strand can also boast being one of the sunniest plazas in Copenhagen, perfect for lounging around in the August sun.

With two stages (one large concert stage + one smaller open stage), three large lounge areas, dining areas, drinks bars, a wide ramp along the canal and rafts floating in it, Fluid Festival will be an ample opportunity for experiences, meetings, presence, love, celebration – an absolute unique opportunity to be exactly who you are in the safe understanding that you are included.

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