A celebration of equality and diversity in Copenhagen and Malmö from August 12-22, 2021.


At WorldPride 2021, there will be plenty of opportunities to show your pride! Hundreds of thousands of people from near and far will join us in Copenhagen and Malmö to celebrate our community and pave the way to a more equal and inclusive world.

WorldPride in Copenhagen 2021 will be a celebration of equality, arts and human rights proudly hosted by Copenhagen Pride in collaboration with Malmö Pride.

Opening and closing ceremonies

On August 13, the opening ceremony will kick off in the late afternoon to manifest the beginning of Copenhagen 2021. The Ceremony will take place at City Hall Square in the middle of Copenhagen. The location provides all the needs to execute an extensive stage show with artists performing in front of a crowd of approx. 10,000, as well as the opportunity of combining the Opening Ceremony with EuroGames activities in the surrounding areas.

Closing Ceremony

On August 21, the official closing ceremony will be held at City Hall Square with more than 35,000 spectators. It will take place immediately after the WorldPride march in the afternoon and continue until midnight. Along the way, there will be remarks from the organizers and political representatives, as well as magnificent entertainment from world renowned performing artists.


City Hall Square right in the middle of Copenhagen will be an impressive village for all Copenhagen 2021 participants to gather throughout the day and in the evening. LGBTI+ organizations and NGOs from all over the world will line the square and invite by-passers and spectators to learn more about their work, take part in global calls-to-action and get to know more about what Copenhagen has to offer to the global LGBTI+ community. The village will also serve as an exciting and lively backdrop to open air, free of charge shows and other cultural events taking place from late afternoon into the night – during the entire Copenhagen 2021.

All around town
Here, participants will be able to meet each other across age, gender and interests and in that sense, this village will serve the purpose of unifying all participants whether you come to Copenhagen and Malmö for the cultural, sports, human rights or pride focused aspects of Copenhagen 2021.
Furthermore, Copenhagen 2021 will present several other villages, with different themes, to pop up around the city of Copenhagen. We believe it is very important for the many participants to be able to meet up with like-minded people, which is why we plan to have various villages that cater to specific groups of people. One is the Sports Village for the EuroGames athletes and other sports-interested people, but we will also have a village focused on kids and families, youth, women, the queer community and many others. The program and content of each of these villages will target its specific audience. However, all villages will be open to everyone.

The Pride March

No pride without a march.

Copenhagen 2021 will have not only one but two marches, as the mega event is taking place in both Malmö and Copenhagen. Malmö will host the opening march in the first weekend of the festival. In many ways, the march on August 21 will be the very culmination of Copenhagen 2021. This will be the WorldPride Parade.

More than 60,000 people are expected to march through the streets of Copenhagen in support of everyone’s right to live and love openly and freely, and we expect more than 500,000 spectators to cheer at the march from the sidelines.
This march will be the epitome of #YouAreIncluded, as citizens will be walking side by side with global decision-makers, celebrities, advocates, organizations and companies in an unambiguous call for equality in all parts of the world. What is truly unique about our march is the fact that there is no fencing along the route, allowing spectators to join the march as it makes its way through the city. We’re opening our arms to everyone.


With estimated more than 750.000 participants at Copenhagen 2021, it will be impossible for the local bars and clubs in the LGBTI+ community to accommodate the large number of festive people. Therefore, we will partner with local party organizers to host a number of signature parties to meet the demand of the big crowd. These parties will be fully inclusive of all in the LGBTI+ community.

Signature Parties

We plan for a signature party to take place throughout all evenings of Copenhagen 2021, and we aim for each of them to be able to accommodate approx. 2,000 people in closed, indoor venues or at outdoor locations outside the inner city of Copenhagen to limit the noise level for the residents living nearby.

When the closing ceremony has concluded on the final evening of August 21, the signature party will, unlike the previous nights, be in the shape of a huge street party in the streets surrounding and connecting to the City Hall Square.

Human Rights Forum

WorldPride in Copenhagen 2021 includes a extensive human rights program under the umbrella Human Rights Forum. Read more here

WorldPride is licensed by InterPride and hosted by Copenhagen Pride

Come together in Copenhagen and Malmö to raise the rainbow flag and stand up for equality and around the world.

Partners and Sponsors

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