15: Legacy of Copenhagen 2021

15: Legacy of Copenhagen 2021

Copenhagen 2021 developed a comprehensive legacy program and the ambitions to bring about lasting change were substantial, in collaboration with the agency Geelmuyden Kiese.

Geelmuyden Kiese is Scandinavia’s largest communications agency, with offices in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, and Bergen, and they have more than 140 employees.

Geelmuyden Kiese has through thorough analysis of the surrounding environment and society, created the framework for evaluation, surveys etc. to measure impact of Copenhagen 2021 and our legacy goals.

The Legacy strategy worked with three tracks: 1) symbols and history, 2) information and education, and 3) mass participation.

Each track contained several activities, with each activity having an overall legacy goal. For each legacy goal, there was an overall plan to unfold the legacy goal and implement lasting anchoring and change. For each legacy, a method of measuring the impact of the effort was also created.

The plan for each legacy goal has been continuously elaborated during the planning phase and the actual implementation are closely linked to the execution, the individual events and partner activities. The operationalisation of the legacy work thus also parallels the final event.

See the separate legacy report from Geelmuyden Kiese for more information. This can be found on our website.

The Øresund Decleration

The Øresund Declaration – named after the sound and bridge that connects Denmark and Sweden – is our manifesto of demands for global LGBTI+ equality by 2030. It was ambitious, and deliberately so, because until we can say to every LGBTI+ person that #YouAreIncluded, the global community is failing to protect the most vulnerable.

The declaration was presented at the opening of the Human Rights Conference during the event, and all signatories sign for themselves and their organization, and by their signature they expressed an obligation to advance the ambitions stated in the Declaration in the course of their work.


Leaders from the worlds of national and international politics, human rights, civil society, NGOs and the media are among those who signed the Øresund Declaration. Signatories are able to select all 15 goals or, if they wish, select the specific goals they wish to endorse.

Signatures will be accepted on the Declaration on an ongoing basis, and the names of new supporters will be added to the website periodically.

Legacy website

In the last two months of 2021, the Copenhagen 2021 website (www.copenhagen2021.com) was transitioned into ‘legacy mode’. Practical information relevant only during the event itself has been removed, and we have left the detailed information on events, campaigns, and the organisation itself.

We have also added videos of many of the events, including the keynote speeches at major events, and a section including policies, documents and descriptions of how we went about organising this major event. Our hope is that this knowledgebase will be useful to other future event bidders and hosts.

Partners and Sponsors

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