Fair Play

Through fair play in sport we will give hope, pride and identity, and it will unite all groups at EuroGames 2021.

Fair Play

It is Copenhagen 2021’s ambition to create a welcoming and inclusive EuroGames that encourages people to exercise and be healthy and to create a community fellowship and thus build quality of life for all participants.

The challenges for those groups in society whose sexuality and/or gender identity does not coincide with the majority are still significant. Studies of living conditions suggest that sexuality- and/or gender minorities are over-represented in terms of loneliness, depression, alcohol abuse and smoking. Through EuroGames, Copenhagen 2021 strives to create a safe environment where all participants can meet and compete with like-minded people.

Copenhagen 2021 affirms and supports the rights of athletes to compete as their true selves and to compete in the gender category that accords with their gender identity. Male categories are open to all who identify as male, and female categories open to all who identify as female. We recognize that a binary definition of gender excludes people who are non-binary, and so in those sports where there are different gender categories, we will have a third category for non-binary athletes.

EuruGames 2021 aims for full inclusiveness, but without fairness and trustworthiness we ruin the spirit of the game. Fairness is an essential and central part of successful involvement, promotion and development in both sport and life, and can teach people tolerance and respect for others. Through fair play in sport we will give hope, pride and identity, and it will unite all groups at EuroGames 2021.

Fair competition

To enjoy the fruits of success, it is not enough to win. Triumph must be measured by absolute fair means, honesty and fair play.


For every athlete, playing by the written rules for the particular sport is mandatory and respecting the unwritten ones is a must. Fair play demands unconditional respect for opponents, fellow players, referees and fans.


Rivalry on the field does not exclude friendship. On the contrary, friendship can grow from noble rivalries.

Team spirit

Individuals can be strong on their own, but they are much stronger in a team. Sharing the moment of victory with your team as well as opponents are instrumental to fair play in EuroGames 2021.


Competing on equal terms is essential for EuroGames 2021. Otherwise, performance cannot be measured properly. We acknowledge all identities, while all still must compete on equal and fair terms.


Being honest and participating with strong moral principles are essential to fair play. Practicing sport within a sound ethical framework is vital for all participants in EuroGames 2021.


It is important to support each other, and mutual support brings mutual success on and off the court. We therefore show solidarity with our opponents and accept differences.


The willingness to accept behavior or decisions you might not agree with strengthens fair play. All participants must therefore show tolerance towards decisions made by judges, umpires, heads of competition and other officials.


Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympic Games said: “The important thing in life is not the triumph, but the fight. The essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought well.”

Competition can be intense, but we ask all participants in EuroGames 2021 to always first look for joy when competing at any of the sports. You should never forget about the play even in the heat of the competition.

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