Arts & Culture

A diverse and inclusive cultural programme will be at the heart of Copenhagen 2021.

Arts & Culture

The Arts & Culture programming at Copenhagen 2021 is never without agenda or intention. We want to be daring, to poke and provoke, to embrace and care. Working from the senses and the sensuous we present physical manifestations of LGBTI+ lives and problems in new and emotive ways.

Working together with independent cultural actors, grassroot movements, established institutions and everything in between we strive to create a program that is both socially and culturally sustainable.

We are creating an Arts & Culture program with space for both seriousness and glitter, allowing for participation and co-creation. Our program offers up a meeting place for stories of international and local scope, where both structural and personal experiences are shown and told.


Arcadia informs and plays with your senses, from lush moss covered walls you’ll want to touch, scent diffusers to inform your sense of smell, and low lighting to set the mood, we welcome you to get yourself a drink in the artist bar, lounge around and let yourself be surprised by a performance moving through the garden. Go to Arcadia


At FLUIDS the 100% non-masculine programming sets forth an intention of pushing the current gender representation in music, arts and culture. Expect talks, live music, DJ-sets, performance and installation art with a cross-aesthetic approach. Go to FLUIDS


CoA – or Centre of Attention – is Copenhagen 2021’s commitment to young LGBTI+ people. Situated in the more than 50-year-old institution Huset, CoA will draw on the homeyness that already exists here. It should feel as if you are at in a place where – even if you don’t – you can take your shoes off. Go to CoA

Rainbow Children @ BLOX

For the children attending Copenhagen 2021 we want the focus to be on creating a loving, caring and playful area where children will feel welcome and at ease. An area where we open up for the playfulness of gender. Go to Rainbow Children @ BLOX

Cultural collaboration

By working in synergies with Copenhagen 2021’s own culture production, EuroGames and Human Rights Forum, our external culture collaborations focus on contributions located in the vicinity of our own programming – whether that be geographical or thematic closeness. Read more

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