Arts & Culture

A diverse and inclusive cultural programme will be at the heart of Copenhagen 2021.

Arts & Culture

Ignite and enlighten

A diverse and inclusive cultural programme will be at the heart and centre of Copenhagen 2021.

Culture mirrors our lives and reflects both our differences and what we share. The Arts and Culture programming at Copenhagen 2021 is never without agenda or intention. We want to surprise, provoke and embrace, to generate and enthuse passion and to create platforms for LGBTI+ lives and challenges in new and daring ways.

The LGBTI+ community has its own cultural landscape, history and expression, which is often misrepresented or overlooked in the mainstream cultural arena. In our own venues and our collaborations with culture partners, our program aims to both ignite and enlighten the multiple shades of the world of LGBTI+ culture.

External cultural collaborations

A large variety of cultural institutions from all over Copenhagen and the region invite everybody into a carefully curated program.

We’re working closely with producers, curators, stage artists, musicians, organisers, and directors to ensure a balanced representation, and we enable museums, theatres, and culture houses to invite everyone into an audacious world of art, activism, and inclusion.  

Among our many partners are Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Kunstforeningen GL STRAND, Nationalmuseet, Det Kongelige Teater, Den Hirschsprungske Samling, Cinemateket, Folketeatret, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Den Sorte Diamant, Mix-Copenhagen, AKS International Minorities Festival, CPH:DOX, Union KBH, Copenhagen Contemporary, Black Box Dance Company, , Kulturhuset Indre By, Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Queer Theatre Festival and many more.

Our Venues

We have five theme-based and centrally located spaces that will unfold across Copenhagen.

Arcadia – The Meeting Space
Centrally located around the corner from WorldPride Square this green and airy garden invites everybody to relax, to play and to meet new and old friends from around the world. In Arcadia we leave no one behind. Find out more

Fluid Festival
A space to celebrate women and non-binary identities. Focusing on the fluidity of gender expression, sexual orientation, and gender identity, Fluid Festival proudly moves through a colourful program of speeches, performances, and partying on the sunny side of the canal. Find out more

Huset 2021: Main House
A homely five-story venue where young LGBTI+ people are the centre of attention. Main House is a space for LGBTI+ youth and their allies to celebrate, explore and develop, acknowledging both the opportunities as well as the challenges. Find out more

Huset 2021: Front Yard
The adjoining green and welcoming outdoor space is a place for recognition and empowerment, and for young voices to be heard – loud and clear. Find out more

Rainbow Children @ BLOX
A space for breaking the binary in the most playful way for Rainbow Children, their friends and families. Here we are proud to be who we are, and we practice saying it aloud. Find out more

Partners and Sponsors

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