Interparliamentary Plenary Assembly

Parliamentarians from across the world will meet at Christiansborg Palace on Friday 20th August 2021

Interparliamentary Plenary Assembly

At the Global Interparliamentary Plenary Assembly, up to 220 elected officials from all over the world will be invited to gather at Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish Parliament.

The attending elected officials are from diverse ideologies, regions, backgrounds and beliefs, making this event an impactful networking and learning experience. In collaboration with our strategic partners, we aim for the inclusion of elected officials from every continent. Together with these partners we will design an impactful and engaging program which will motivate the participants to sign a Human Rights Forum Parliamentary Declaration.

This declaration can serve as a benchmark paper to monitor progress. The Danish Parliament, the City of Copenhagen, and the Danish Government will each host receptions for the invitees to the Interparliamentary Plenary and a number of other guests.

Further information on the Interparliamentary Plenary Assembly will be published in late 2020. Participation is by invitation only.


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