At the present time we are continuing to plan for full delivery of all Copenhagen 2021 events


Last updated 10 September 2020

The COVID19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on communities around the world. Many events, including EuroPride 2020 in Thessaloniki and EuroGames 2020 in Düsseldorf, were cancelled. Our thoughts and good wishes are with everyone affected, wherever they are.

The health, safety and well-being of the public and visitors is our highest priority, and we take the threat posed by COVID19 very seriously. We are monitoring the situation closely and taking the advice of the Danish Health Authority (Sundhedsstyrelsen), police, and local and national government.

At the present time we are continuing to plan for full delivery of all Copenhagen 2021 events. We will ensure that all venues have appropriate COVID19 hygiene measures in place and we will require all attendees to follow whatever social distancing guidance is in place in August 2021.

We are also making contingency plans should we not be able to deliver the full events, and these plans are based on part-delivery options and digital options. These contingency plans will come into play closer to the event should they be necessary.

All tickets and registration fees (for example for EuroGames or the Human Rights Conference) are fully refundable should we cancel an event due to COVID19.

Our office in Copenhagen reopened in June after the lockdown lifted. Staff and visitors are required to use hand sanitiser on arrival and regularly whilst on the premises. We encourage people to maintain a safe distance. Our staff and board are fully complying with Denmark’s national guidance on foreign travel.

This page will be updated should the situation change.

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