1:1 Democracy Festival

Monday 16 - Friday 20 August 2021

1:1 Democracy Festival

Inspired by the Scandinavian model of ‘Folkemøde’, 1:1 Democracy Festival will open five days of events as part of the Human Rights Forum.

The 1:1 Democracy Festival aims to bring together politicians, activists and members of the general public in an informal and open setting to create a space for awareness and an understanding of issues and challenges faced by different (intersectional) minorities around the world. On the square we will discuss LGBTI+ inclusion but will also create spaces for a broader discussion on inclusion and anti-discrimination. We need to collaborate with other minority groups and allies in order to move forward.

Two large tents will provide space for debates, panels and workshops and there will be an important presence of civil society organizations hosted in various smaller tents. Although a strong focus on the LGBTI+ cause, we cannot talk about inclusion, acceptation and discrimination without involving and inviting other minority groups to the square to actively participate. Furthermore, culture, as an important form of expression, will be programmed on a stage, located on the square.

Over the five days we expect 25,000 people to visit the square and participate in different ways. The 1:1 Democracy Festival will give participants to the other events the chance to interact with local and international activists and visitors of the square in a less formal setting. It will thereby provide the space for open discussions about different topics. It will enable the general public to have their voices heard by directly addressing policymakers and give activists a platform to draw the attention of politicians and the public to inclusion related challenges around the globe.

Be a part of the 1:1 Democracy Festival

The open call for the 1:1 Democracy Festival is now open – are you going to be a part of this year’s programme?

We encourage everyone to apply, especially from communities that are usually underrepresented or that are not from Denmark. Please prioritise debates and events that are possible to do online and that are in English. 

The deadline is April 30th. Read more and apply here.


If you have questions about the Human Rights Forum or any of our human rights programming, please email us.

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