1:1 Democracy Festival

Monday 16 to Saturday 21 August 2021

1:1 Democracy Festival

Based on Copenhagen Pride’s Human Rights Programme and inspired by the Scandinavian model of ‘Folkemøde’, 1:1 Democracy Festival is open for six days of events as part of the Human Rights Forum.

The 1:1 Democracy Festival aims to bring together politicians, activists and members of the general public in an informal and open setting to create a space of awareness and an understanding of issues and challenges faced by different minorities around the world. On the square we will discuss LGBTI+ issues but we will also create spaces for a broader discussion on inclusion and anti-discrimination. We need to stand with other minority groups and allies in order to break the normative structures we fight within and against.

Two large tents will provide space for debates, panels and talks. The programme in these two tents will be put together through an open call to make the final programme as broad as possible. The programme in the two debate tents will be digital as well as physical. There will be an important presence of civil society organizations hosted in various smaller tents. These organizations will furthermore have a shared workshop tent, in which they can put together workshops or in other ways show the public their work. Furthermore, culture, as an important form of expression, will be programmed on a stage, located on the square.

Over the six days we expect many people to visit the square and participate in different ways. The 1:1 Democracy Festival will give participants to the other events the chance to interact with local and international activists and visitors of the square in a less formal setting. It will thereby provide the space for open discussions about different topics. It will enable the general public to have their voices heard by directly addressing policymakers and give activists a platform to draw the attention of politicians and the public to inclusion-related challenges around the globe.

For the full program visit our Facebook page or the official Copenhagen 2021 App.

Due to COVID19 restrictions, 1:1 Democracy Festival will have a maximum capacity of 2.500 people.

Got something to say?

We have an open call for everyone who has something to say.

We want to reawaken the speakers corner! At the 1:1 Democracy Festival we are seeking people who would like to talk about LGBT+- issues from their perspective. It will be very old-school; a stage, a microphone, and a string of speakers.

If you want to give a speech, read a poem, tell a story or something else please reach out to cj@copenhagen2021.com!

Speakers include
  • Minister Thomas Blomqvist, Minister for equality and nordic cooperation, Finland
  • Peter Hummelgaard, Minister for equality, Denmark
  • Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister, Iceland
  • Märta Stenevi, Minister for Equality, Sweden
  • Abid Raja, Minister for Culture and Equality, Norway
  • Jayathma Wickramanayake, Youth Envoy to the UN
  • Danny Annan, Danish Ambassador to Turkey
  • Matt Beard, Executive Director of AllOut
  • Susanne Branner Jespersen, Executive Director of LGBT+ Denmark
  • Kira Peter-Hansen, MEP, Denmark
  • Nikolaj Villumsen, MEP, Denmark
  • Pernille Weiss, MEP, Denmark
  • Marianne Vind, MEP, Denmark
  • Rasmus Andresen, MEP (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), Germany
  • Minister Jeppe Kofoed, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
  • Ole Toft, Danish Ambassador to Poland

Partners and Sponsors

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