1:1 Democracy Festival

Monday 16th - Friday 20th August 2021

1:1 Democracy Festival

Following the Scandinavian model of ‘Folkemøde’, 1:1 Democracy Festival will open five days of events as part of the Human Rights Forum.

This event will bring together members of the public, politicians and activists to create awareness and understanding of issues and challenges faced by the LGBTI+ Community around the world.  In the Square, two large marquees will provide space for different sessions including debates and panel discussions. There will also be a strong presence of civil society organizations located in various smaller marquees, where they can meet with and engage the LGBTI+ community from home and abroad.

We will bring the LGBTI+ cause close to the general public to create compassionate awareness about issues and challenges the LGBTI+ community experiences in various parts of the world.

Speakers from both the Interparliamentary Plenary Assembly and the Human Rights Conference will be given the opportunity to address the public at the 1:1 Democracy Festival, which will take place from Monday 16th until Friday 20th August 2021.

Further information on the 1:1 Democracy Festival, including on how to participate, will be published in late 2020.


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