#YouAreIncluded is our theme for Copenhagen 2021.


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Tell us what #YouAreIncluded means to you

We’re using the #YouAreIncluded theme to shine a light on the situation for LGBTI+ people across the world.

We want to know what #YouAreIncluded means to you, in your town or city, school or college, workplace, at home, just walking down the street. Tell us by completing this form.

Your answers will be placed on a huge online map we publish at the start fo the Human Rights Conference on Tuesday 17 August, and some will be broadcast on social media throughout our event. And we’ll be sharing answers with global leaders and politicians, to focus their mind on the changes we need to see.

You can be anonymous by using a pseudonym and an anonymous photo or image. You can complete the form in different languages:

Here’s what #YouAreIncluded means to us

#YouAreIncluded is a powerful, all-encompassing statement that whatever your sexuality, gender identity, race, religion, appearance, economic status, nationality, refugee status, health, HIV status – or any other factor – You Are Included at Copenhagen 2021.

The theme has been central to our work throughout our planning for Copenhagen 2021. We don’t just oppose discrimination, we stand against it and we call it out. We’re placing Denmark and Sweden’s status for progressive LGBTI+ and anti-discrimination legislation on a pedestal and we’re showing the world what true inclusion looks like, whilst recognising that our nations have further to go.

Of course, we know our countries aren’t perfect, and we’ll use the Copenhagen 2021 platform to campaign for further changes, and to give the stage to those who are advocating for improvement. And we can’t guarantee that every space is ‘safe’, but we are doing all we can to ensure they are safer.

Image: Daniel Rasmussen

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