Sports Leader Conference

The Conference will be a key event at EuroGames where we consider inclusion and expansion of LGBTI+ sport

Sports Leader Conference
  • Monday 16 & Tuesday 17 August 2021
  • CPH Conference Centre, DGI Byen, Copenhagen

The topics of the Conference will be strengthening the capacity for LGBTI+ sports clubs in Europe, and promoting the inclusion of LGBTI+ athletes in mainstream clubs by promoting strategies for inclusion and highlighting some of the barriers faced by LGBTI+ athletes. The Conference will include keynote speakers and open panel discussions.

Alongside these activities there will be some minor tracks giving participants the opportunity to delve into topics that are of a particular relevance for them and their own contexts. The program will also focus on introducing alternative ways of thinking about movement, play and sports.

We expect around 200 participants at this conference, including representatives from the major mainstream clubs and volunteer leaders from European LGBTI+ sports clubs, along with decision-makers in sports associations and players’ unions and federations.

Our ambition is that participants will leave the conference with a list of specific applicable tools that can be used in their own clubs and associations to promote LGBTI+ inclusion in sports communities.

The Conference has three main purposes:

  1. Strengthening the capacity for LGBTI+ sports clubs in Europe
  2. Participants are given specific tools that they are encouraged to make use of when going back to their clubs in order to promote better LGBTI+ inclusion in sports communities
  3. The inclusion of LGBTI+ athletes must be promoted through the implementation of strategies for inclusion, and by highlighting the barriers that LGBTI+ athletes experience

Registration for the Sports Leader Conference will open in October 2020.

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

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