Human Rights Conference

More than 1,000 human rights defenders and activists will gather from 17-19 August 2021

Human Rights Conference

Early bird booking rate extended until 31 March – see below!

The Human Rights Conference will be the most significant LGBTI+ conference in 2021. The conference is open for human rights defenders and activists, elected officials, academics, NGOs, media, Pride organizers and sports leaders in the field of LGBTI+ rights, and anybody else interested in the more in-depth LGBTI+ cause. Our goal is to include all representations under the LGBTI+-acronym in the program and to be highly aware of intersectionality in our planning. This includes representation in relation to geography, racialization, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, religion and appearance.

African born LGBTI+ activist and community member Omayra Issa will be the host of the Human Rights Conference. Omayra Issa is a bilingual (French and English) journalist and TV host with experience working across a wide range of media platforms. Based in Saskatoon, she works for Canada’s public broadcaster, Radio-Canada/CBC, where she is currently leading a national initiative on diversity and inclusion. In 2019 she was named one of Canada’s top 100 Black Women to watch and was nominated for a YWCA Women of Distinction Award.

Content is being curated in ten topics:

  1. Politics and Law
  2. Education, Labor Market and Civil Society
  3. Intersectionality and Global Trends
  4. Borders, Decolonization and Racism
  5. Technology and Online Communities
  6. Arts, Sports and Culture
  7. Pride as a global Human Rights Movement
  8. Breaking the Binary
  9. Sexual well-being and Health
  10. Open for the undefined

We believe that partnering with experts from our international community is essential to giving this conference legitimacy and in making sure that the contents of the program is of high quality.

We find representation from regions where LGBTI+ rights remain under increasing pressure to be pivotal, and we encourage every activist and scholar around the globe to join us in Copenhagen 2021.

The conference venue is Øksnehallen in central Copenhagen, a few minutes’ walk from Central Station.

Conference Tickets

Early Bird (extended until 31 March): €130 per person
Midway (1 April – 30 April): €160 per person
Late (1 May – 13 August): €200 per person

Speak at the Human Rights Forum

We’re inviting applications from activists, campaigners, academics, lawyers who’d like to speak at the various events that make up the Human Rights Forum. Find out more here.


If you have questions about the Human Rights Forum or any of our human rights programming, please email us.

Image: Noah Eleazar on Unsplash

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