Huset 2021

Huset 2021 is a safe and welcoming space reserved for LGBTI+ young people

Huset 2021

Huset 2021 is a safer and welcoming space for young LGBTI+ people and their allies

Huset 2021: Main House

The Main House finds its place in the more than 50-year-old cultural institution, HusetKBH, situated in downtown Copenhagen. 

Huset 2021: Main House is about celebrating the power of the LGBTI+ youth through talks, workshops, movies and more, but it is also an opportunity for the youth to explore and develop themselves in a safer environment. Furthermore, it sets a place for youth to be surrounded by other LGBTI+ people and allies of the same age. We strive to create a space for recognition and celebration of each other and ourselves. 

During the entire event House Parents will be present and ready to talk and to create a sense of safety that ideally makes a home. The House also evokes feel of the Danish ‘højskole’, where self-reflection and improvement is at the core of the experience. Here, the volunteers are not much older than the guests, and make sure to work on an even plane with the visitors.

Main House will be activated on five floors transformed into rooms of a house, each with its own theme and gravity. The rooms are: 

Utility room: This is the first room you will enter. We welcome with introductory talks and a welcoming warm atmosphere. And if you feel like it, try out our clothes swap corner. 

Dining Room: Join us for an inclusive board game or take a seat at the long tables for our free communal dining every night (limited availability).

The Garage: We are creative in a technical way. This includes DJ workshops, media training, Light & Magic-workshops and a visionary creation of digital participation in the Pride Walks.

Living Room (The cinema): We will have a variety of movie screenings. The movie program is created by the Danish LGBTI+ film festival MIX Copenhagen and shows cinematic representations of the acronym, bending gender and manifesting diversity. Stay for a talk, a discussion or meet the participants in the movie. 

Your Room: The top floor of the house is reserved for the most sensitive content: debates, talks, theater, monologues, performances and dancing workshops – all set in an inclusive and safer space atmosphere. 

Target group: 13-18 years, LGBTI+ young people and their allies. Those older than 18 years are admitted only by invitation.

Huset 2021: Front Yard

Just around the corner from Huset 2021: Main House you will find Huset 2021: Front Yard. The outdoor area opens for a beautiful, welcoming space right along the canal, facing the Danish parliament. Frontyard is designed to give the vibe of a cozy garden with room for relaxation and celebration.

Huset 2021: Front Yard is a place for LGBTI+ young people to spread their wings in all their colors. It is an active space for recognition and empowerment, where voices are given the opportunity to be heard – loud and clear.

All young LGBTI+ people and allies alike will feel included and free to engage in talks, networking or simply sit back and observe. Huset 2021: Front Yard will be the stage for a program created by a wide range of LGBTI+ and other political and humanitarian youth organizations, who will get the opportunity to take the stage, create dialogue and share their LGBTI+ activism and agenda.

In the evenings, DJ-sets, occasional guest appearances and live musicians, will take the stage and turn Huset 2021: Front Yard into a festive celebration of diversity.

In the evenings, DJ-sets, occasional guest appearances and live musicians, will take the stage and turn Huset 2021: Front Yard into a celebratory space of diversity.

The program at Front Yard is constantly evolving in collaboration with LGBTI+ youth organizations.

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