WorldPride Park

WorldPride Park in Malmö is for our youngsters, our children and our rainbow families.

WorldPride Park

WorldPride Park is the place where you meet new and old friends, hang out, watch art, listen to artists and DJs from all around the world.

WorldPride Park will take place in Kungsparken and Slottsparken in the centre of Malmö. Kungsparken (King’s Park) is the oldest public park in Malmö. The design is inspired by the romantic English style and features a pavilion dating back to 1892, which is today a casino. The main theme of Slottsparken is water, with two large ponds, a swamp area and a fountain. The beating heart of the park is the Lördagsplan (Saturdays Place) where Pride for Children and Rainbow families will be held.

During WorldPride the Parks will be filled with art shows, performances, live music and an outdoor cinema. There will be seminars, workshops, and lectures, and there are also special activities for children and younger people. Something for everyone to enjoy, learn and be proud of.

Main stage area

WorldPride Park is where you will have the chance to enjoy various cultural events and watch live concerts with both local and international artists. The main stage area will have three stages with live performances, DJ sets and performance art. There will also be outdoor movie screenings with feature films, short films and panel discussions.

Youth Pride

Youth Pride is a safe and nourishing space for young people to feel comfortable and free to express themselves. It is a safe zone for the ones who already came out and the ones who did not. The venue is designed to guarantee privacy from outside and provides hidden entrances. Adults need permission to access the venue.

Children’s Pride

Children’s Pride welcomes the youngest visitors to WorldPride. In a safe environment, children can learn about equality and values through games, workshops, films and much more. It is about creating experiences and contribute knowledge to the youngest generation in society.

WorldPride Park in Malmö is the place for youngsters, children and rainbow families to meet.

Rainbow families

WorldPride Park is also the place for LGBTI+ families to meet. This is your opportunity to talk to others and exchange experiences. The program is aimed at families who want to live or are already living as a rainbow family. Activities will revolve around topics like norms and challenges in society.

Opening times

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Partners and Sponsors

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