Brand and logo guide

The Copenhagen 2021 logo is the graphic signature for the combined celebration of WorldPride and EuroGames, which will take place in Copenhagen and Malmö as one mega-event in 2021

Brand and logo guide

Use of our logo is reserved for authorised partners, sponsors and media. The logo is an internationally protected trademark: we monitor its use closely and enforce our rights where necessary.

‘Copenhagen 2021’, ‘WorldPride’ and ‘EuroGames’ are all protected trademarks. Only our authorised partners and sponsors are authorised to use them.

If you are in any doubt please contact us before using the logo or brand names.

Logo download

You can download a Zip file of our logo variants in PNG format here.

All versions of our logo are available in CMYK/EPS formats for print, screen and professional use. Please email to request these versions.

Logo placement

The exclusion zone or margin around the logo (minimum distance to any other object) is carefully calculated.

X 100 % = 10 mm

Use of logo on a colored background and images

The logo can be used on images as well as monochrome backgrounds. When used on an image use logo in negative or in positive if on a lighter toned image. The full colored logo can be used on monochrome colors.

It is important that the background color is not too dominant.

Digital assets

We have a public Google Drive folder with a range of images and digital assets you are welcome to use but you must credit us (or the individual copyright owner).

Open the Google Drive folder.

Talking about Copenhagen 2021

You can download our Press Kit from the Press Center.

Copenhagen 2021 focuses on equality and human rights for LGBTI+ people everywhere. We use ‘LGBTI+’ as it is inclusive of everyone in the rainbow community, and phrases such as ‘gay pride’ or ‘gay and lesbian’ exclude many identities that are integral to what we do, and what we are about.

Our event is called Copenhagen 2021. Please only refer to us as ‘Copenhagen WorldPride’ or ‘Copenhagen EuroGames’ if you are specifically referring only to the WorldPride or EuroGames elements of our event.

When referring to people, always avoid gendered terms such as ‘ladies and gentlemen’, or ‘guys’. Use broad plural terms (‘such as LGBTI+ people’) or ‘they’ and ‘them’ to refer to singular people. Avoid terms that apply a gender to a profession. Use ‘actor’ instead of ‘actress’, ‘everyone’ instead of ‘men and women’, for example.

Colours and typography

We use Barlow for presentations and promotional – for both print and digital download it for free here (Download Barlow afresh each time so that you get the latest version). Calibri is the accepted alternative.

Copenhagen 2021 is a joint celebration of WorldPride and EuroGames and #YouAreIncluded

Partners and Sponsors

See the full list of Partners and Sponsors