Our team

We've got an amazing team who worked hard to deliver an incredible event!

Our team

Please note: As WorldPride and EuroGames are now concluded, many members of our team are moving on to their next roles. Not all members of the team below are still with us. Please email info@copenhagen2021.com should you require assistance.

We hve a dedicated and hard-working staff team developing and implementing plans for our events in August. Our Leadership Team and staff members are all profiled below.

Leadership Team

  • Chair: Katja Moesgaard
  • Managing Director: Benjamin Hansen
  • Director of Communications & Marketing: Steve Taylor
  • Director of Culture & Identity: Eva Bøggild
  • Director of Human Rights: Aron Le Fèvre
  • Director of Sports: Ayhan Can
  • Director of WorldPride Copenhagen: Lars Henriksen
  • Director of WorldPride Malmö: Anna Tenfält

Executive Management

  • Katja Moesgaard, Chair
  • Benjamin Hansen, Executive Managing Director

Communications & Marketing

  • Steve Taylor, Director of Communications & Marketing
  • Anders Kungsman, Communications Officer
  • Camilla Engelby, Graphic Designer
  • Jay Edwards Bannon, Social Media Manager
  • Jemma Tracey, Communications Coordinator
  • Jennifer Nordström, Communications Manager (Malmö)
  • Khayal Trivedi, Digital Coordinator
  • Liv Rossander, PR Consultant
  • Mariya Staugaard, Communications Officer
  • Najam Ul Assar, Digital Production Manager
  • Nanna Matilde Vieleborg Bjelka, Social Media Manager
  • Sanne Kleiner, Communications Manager (Malmö)


  • Eva Bøggild, Director of Culture & Identity
  • Emilie Kjærgaard Jørgensen, Venue Manager
  • Haelin Byun, Venue Manager
  • Ingo Andersson, Culture Producer (Malmö)
  • Janne Juul, Venue Manager
  • Karen Widding, Culture Coordinator
  • Lukas Hvitnov Clare, Venue Manager
  • Malene Toft, Venue Manager


  • Ayhan Can, Director of Sports
  • Jonathan Sharp, Sports Coordinator
  • Laura Klem Orloff, EuroGames Project Coordinator
  • Line Lovring Krægpøth, Sports Tournament Coordinator
  • Tommy Kristoffersen, Project Manager

General Management

  • Bo Madsen, Senior Operations Manager
  • Kasper Wibroe Iwersen, Head of Bar Operations
  • Kieron Yates, Transversal Project Manager
  • Kiriakos Mavropoulos, Project Coordinator
  • Michael Bager, Strategic Planning Manager

Human Rights

  • Aron Le Fevre, Director of Human Rights
  • Aastha Kc, Human Rights Intern
  • Aitolgon Boronbaeva, Human Rights Intern
  • Cecilie Appeldorf, Human Rights Intern
  • Fabio Carapinha, Human Rights Intern
  • Irene González Zamorano, Human Rights Intern
  • Jax Jackshøj, 1:1 Democracy Festival Manager
  • Juraj Hovorka, Outreach Officer
  • Milena Kocic, Human Rights Officer
  • Patrick van der Pas, Human Rights Officer
  • Stijn Hoevenaar, Human Rights Intern
  • Zoë Smith, Executive Producer


  • Arnar Thor, Product Activation Manager
  • Helle Bjørnstrup, Partnerships Specialist
  • Thomas Kim Rasmussen, Partnerships Specialist


  • Jeppe Klæstrup James, Head of Production
  • Erik Ro Ebbesen, Waste Manager
  • Jan Barfod, Production Coordinator
  • Leo Kristensen, Production Coordinator
  • Lukas Hartvig, Venue Manager
  • Martin Kirch, Venue Manager
  • Morten Færk, Venue Manager
  • Peter Schønnemann Andreasen, Production Coordinator
  • Sanna Lilie, Lead Producer


  • Marina Jensen, Volunteer Manager
  • Elin Bengtsson, Volunteer Coordination Intern
  • Francesca Veronesi, Volunteer Intern
  • Julie Seltoft, Includer Education Intern
  • Laura Goret, Volunteer Education & Inclusion Coordinator
  • Lila Johansson, Volunteer Coordinator (Malmö)


  • Anna Tenfält, Director of WorldPride (Malmö)
  • Lars Henriksen, Director of WorldPride (Copenhagen)
  • Emil Rissve, Event Producer
  • Jesper Sørensen, Parade Manager
  • Teddy Brandt, WorldPride Square Manager
  • Tonny Liljenberg, Show Producer

Partners and Sponsors

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