Social Media Moderation Policy

By interacting with our social media channels you accept the terms of this Policy.

Social Media Moderation Policy

The following Moderation Policy relates to Copenhagen 2021’s social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. By interacting with our social media channels you accept the terms of this Policy.

Copenhagen 2021 reserves the right to hide or delete any comments or content deemed inappropriate. In some cases, dependent on frequency, scale or content posted, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban users from posting to our social media pages.

Inappropriate comments or content may include:

  • Abusive or hurtful comments
  • Comments that use hate speech (based on gender identity, sexual orientation, sex characteristics, colour, race, nationality, ethic or national origin, religion, disability or appearance)
  • Inappropriate language including swearing
  • Irrelevant, off-topic or repeated comments (this includes the promotion of activities not related to Copenhagen 2021)
  • Personal or organisational attacks, threats or defamatory comments
  • Inappropriate imagery
  • Content, comments or imagery that violates copyright, our Privacy Policy or that may be confidential or otherwise legally protected

All opinions expressed on Copenhagen 2021’s social media pages represent the thoughts of the individual commenters, and not those of the organisation.

All links to other websites found on our social media sites are provided as a service to readers, but such linking does not constitute endorsement of those sites by Copenhagen 2021, and we are not responsible for the content of external websites.

By interacting with any of Copenhagen 2021’s social media you understand that your interaction is publicly available, and that Copenhagen 2021 may use this information in internal and external publications and other communications. If you do not wish to have your information published, please do not post that information.

If you disagree with a decision we have taken over your interaction with our social media channels you can email

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