Akademikerne is a Community Supporter

Akademikerne is a Community Supporter

In Akademikerne we believe that all people should have the opportunity to develop and express themselves, live their lives as they wish and be who they are. Therefore we work for a society without barriers, where all people can live their lives safely and freely.

Workplaces and educational institutions are a central part of most people’s everyday lives. Therefore, equality and inclusion in educational institutions and in working life are closely linked to inclusion and equal rights for LGBTI+ persons in society as a whole As a trade union we therefore have a special responsibility to support equal opportunities for all, so everybody can go to work or education without fearing discrimination or prejudices.

We work for equal rights and inclusion. We do this through our work with professional agreements, our political work to influence on legislation and supporting the work with inclusion in workplaces and education institutions. At the same time, we support and take part in the initiatives, happenings and events that pay homage to diversity and inclusion and takes the lead in challenging the existing norms.

Therefore, we are very proud to be community supporter for Copenhagen 2021, and we look forward to taking part in activities, debates and events that help to challenge existing norms and celebrate diversity.

Akademikerne (The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations) is main organization for 28 professional organizations, that organize members in both the private and public labor market. We speak on behalf of 450.000 members who work with health, culture, administration, legislation, education, development, communication and much more.

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