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We are eager to welcoming new partners who want to engage in the fight for human rights & the right for everybody to love and live freely. #YouAreIncluded

Become a sponsor

Join us in creating social and legal change for LGBTI+ people across the world in a unique human rights event catapulting the equal rights debate to the very top of the global political agenda while truly underlining the importance of diversity and inclusion in your brand’s work environment.

At Copenhagen 2021, we say #YouAreIncluded.

Why join

Join us in celebrating Copenhagen 2021 to ensure that our message of equal rights reaches far and beyond. As a united group of allied global businesses and dedicated human rights organizations we have unlimited potential to reach the world with the message that everybody should have the right to live freely regardless of gender identity, gender expression and/or sexual orientation.

  • CONTRIBUTE to creating change for LGBTI+ people around the globe by pushing our common message of inclusion and diversity underlining the importance of everyone´s right to live and love freely.
  • BE A KEY PLAYER in corporate activism and workplace diversity by using your corporate voice in the ongoing equal rights debate.
  • STRENGTHEN EMPLOYER BRANDING by bringing purpose to your brand and taking a public stance in support of LGBTI+ rights at a global level.
  • MAKE A COMMITMENT to take action in your company by implementing LGBTI+ inclusive policies.

Impact & Outcomes

Copenhagen 2021 will be a groundbreaking event for LGBTI+ people worldwide by organizing and executing several inclusive initiatives before and during the event.

  • MAJOR INTERNATIONAL WORKPLACES will highlight the importance of inclusion and diversity at the workplace by joining the LGBTI+ equal rights movement and creating social change through internal and external engagement.
  • GLOBAL ACTIVISTS are offered scholarships to join Copenhagen 2021 to contribute to the diverse human rights events along with receiving useful tools for implementing LGBTI+ strategies in their home countries supporting safer spaces in unsafe environments globally.
  • POLITICAL DECISION-MAKERS from all over the world will bring home defined goals for making social and legal change in 50+ countries. 750,000+ PEOPLE participating in Copenhagen 2021 will get a unique sense of belonging to the world’s most inclusive community and be forever empowered as individuals.
  • AN EMPOWERED LGBTI+ COMMUNITY forever strengthened by influential partners and allies underlining the importance of equality.

Sponsor solutions

As a sponsor of Copenhagen 2021 you have numerous opportunities to engage, activate your brand and create change through our collaboration. When you choose to partner with Copenhagen 2021 and truly engage your brand in the pride movement, we expect that your company is an inclusive workplace that is constantly working to improve the lives of minority employees and society as a whole – something that can be boosted through our collaboration.

Please reach out to our sponsor and partnership team to get involved.

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