Announcement of major changes to our events this August

Our events are going ahead, but some are in different formats and locations.

Announcement of major changes to our events this August

Monday 17 May 2021

We have today announced significant changes to EuroGames and WorldPride events taking place this August in Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden.

We had expected to attract up to a million visitors to events over the duration of WorldPride and EuroGames, but international travel restrictions combined with some people’s reluctance to attend events mean that fewer people are expected.

Executive Managing Director of Copenhagen 2021, Benjamin Hansen, said:

“After five years of planning we are of course disappointed to have to make the decision to scale back some of our events. But the safety of everyone has to be our highest priority, and we have worked with our safety company to create a meaningful and safe WorldPride and EuroGames experience for everyone.”

“Despite scaling back on some plans, we’re pleased that we haven’t had to cancel any of our events entirely. We still look forward to 29 EuroGames sports tournaments, dozens of cultural events, and a Human Rights Forum that will create a long-lasting legacy for Copenhagen 2021,” said Hansen.

Events in Copenhagen

Most significantly, the WorldPride Parade which was due to take place on Saturday 21 August is replaced by a number of activist-led ‘Protest Walks’ that will take place several times during the event. These will be smaller protests than the Parade, to comply with restrictions. Routes and times will be announced later.

The WorldPride stage at Copenhagen’s city hall will also be replaced by a viewing area in a park, where 5,000 seated guests can enjoy concerts live-streamed from a smaller, indoor concert venue. Across the city, the event will take over several smaller spaces where up to 500 people can gather. WorldPride Square will become a focal point and informal meeting place.

EuroGames tournaments are unaffected and more than 1,000 athletes have now signed up for the 29 sports. The Opening Ceremony will be moved to an indoor venue, and the Proud Mile will be divided into sections of up to 500 athletes each. The Sports Village at Islands Brygge will be complemented by a second EuroGames focused area elsewhere in the city.

The Human Rights Forum is unaffected although the capacity of the 1:1 Democracy Festival will be limited to 500 people at any one time.

Some aspects of our cultural programme are also affected and details will be published as soon as possible.

Events in Malmö

With less than 100 days to go, the final adjustments to Copenhagen 2021 – WorldPride and EuroGames in Malmö have been made. 

These adjustments are based on the current COVID19 regulations in Sweden and detail that the program will be offered both in digital and physical form.

“We have worked together for a long time now to create a fantastic, international event and to welcome visitors and participants from all over the world to Malmö to experience Copenhagen 2021 WorldPride and EuroGames. Due to the pandemic, we are not able to meet as we had hoped to. But by making more events digitally available, the more can participate. The city of Malmö works closely together with Malmö Pride and we share common ground in how to execute WorldPride and EuroGames following the regulations,” says Johan Hermansson, head of the WorldPride and EuroGames steering committee of Malmö stad.

According to Swedish authorities, the restrictions will be eased during summer which is good news for all our visitors that we welcome to Malmö. Modifications to produce and provide a safe event are:  

  • All main stages and the Opening WorldPride Parade are cancelled in their traditional format
  • The program will be spread out to different venues
  • The program will be digitalized and broadcast according to the digital plan of Copenhagen 2021
  • To reduce crowds and queuing, a ticket system as well as scheduled time slots to enter venues will be set up. The app will provide more information about possible entry fees for events
  • We will add EuroGames activities like workshops and lectures about inclusive sports and health. As well as the possibility to try out different sports on location.

City of Malmö follows governmental regulations in Sweden 

These decisions have not been taken easily. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic and everyone must act to take safety measures. The project organization in Malmö fully supports and agrees with the decision by the Swedish Government to re-open step by step. The pressure the Swedish health service is under needs to be eased, to ensure health and safety for everyone. We are grateful to be able to arrange WorldPride and EuroGames during a pandemic, a time which we consider especially important to set LGBTI+ rights on the agenda. The program will be diverse and engaging, taking up LGBTI+ issues to move social sustainability forward.  

“We choose to change the format to be able to offer a solid and engaging program. Visitors and audiences are welcome to where we can offer it. The program will also be digitalized. By broadening the digital program we will reach even more, especially those who cannot come to Malmö,” says Anna Tenfält, project manager for WorldPride in Malmö.  

WorldPride House – the heart of Copenhagen 2021 in Malmö  

WorldPride House is the heart of Copenhagen 2021 in Malmö. Creating a safe space where different perspectives on LGBTI+ issues will be broadened and strengthened. This is brought to life through lectures, workshops, debates, seminars and more, targeting issues concerning the living conditions of LGBTI+ people. 

“The pandemic has struck hard against people that are not a part of the majority society. It is a crisis for human rights and LGBTI+ people’s rights globally as well as in Sweden. The need to address these questions has become even more urgent,” says Anna Tenfält.  

The goal of WorldPride House is to create a platform to provide continuous knowledge even after Copenhagen 2021, to ensure the long-term change that is needed.  

Main topics of WorldPride House:

  • Human Rights  
  • Politics and law  
  • Work life  
  • Academy  
  • Business and economy  
  • Health sexuality, identity and relations  
  • Culture  
  • Sports and leisure  


There will be further announcements regarding sports event in Sweden and more information on how that may affect EuroGames will be announced soon. Several different activities will be offered at the Stadium District in Malmö, as planned.  

“The EuroGames program contains lectures, panel talks and other activities that will be broadcast. These activities are part of the Inclusive Sports Forum,” says Camilla Friberg Ekelund, project manager for EuroGames in Malmö. 

Moving forward to more diversity 

The city of Malmö has high ambitions to be an open and inclusive city. The aim is to broaden and strengthen the knowledge about LGBTI+ issues and living conditions among citizens and visitors. This continues to be the goal by engaging businesses, culture venues and organisations and sports associations. We will deliver a long awaited and truly amazing WorldPride and EuroGames event.