#ChooseToChallenge on International Women’s Day

Tell us the challenges you want to see in our Manifesto on International Women's Day

#ChooseToChallenge on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day takes place on 8 March each year, and this year the theme is #ChooseToChallenge.

We’re using this opportunity to highlight the challenges faced by women. On International Women’s Day, we’ll raise and centre the voices of women from around the world and publish our #ChooseToChallenge Manifesto, detailing these challenges.

Tell us your challenges

What are the injustices and inequalities you still face as a woman in 2021? What needs to change? How could governments, organisations and institutions change in order to address these challenges? Importantly, how can everyone contribute to a better world for all women?

Give us your input via the form below (or click here to open the form in a new window). And look out for our #ChooseToChallenge Manifesto on International Women’s Day!

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