Copenhagen among most LGBTQ-friendly destinations

Copenhagen among most LGBTQ-friendly destinations

Along with famous LGBTQ hot spots such as Berlin, Madrid and Tel Aviv, Copenhagen has been nominated for a British LGBT award as one of the world’s top 10 LGBTQ-friendly destinations of 2018.

– It’s an honor that Copenhagen is being recognized side by side with far bigger cities, says Lars Christian Østergreen, CEO of the global mega-event Copenhagen 2021, which will unite WorldPride and EuroGames in Copenhagen and bring more than half a million people together in 2021.

– Copenhagen may not have the world’s largest LGBTQ scene, but we offer LGBTQ tourists a much more unique experience of belonging and inclusion, he says. – Denmark is also known around the world for championing LGBTQ rights at home and abroad.

Denmark was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex unions in 1989, and Denmark made history once again in 2017 as the first country in the world to de-pathologize trans people, sprinting ahead of many other progressive countries and the WHO.

As another explanation for the nomination, Lars Christian Østergreen notes how a new approach was taken in the effort to bring WorldPride and EuroGames to Copenhagen.

– Too often, large-scale LGBTQ events try to woo gay men, because traditionally this segment has been more affluent, he says. – We want to create a diverse and inclusive event, so we’ve been reaching out to all parts of our community and all letters of the acronym. I think that is one of the reasons why Copenhagen has made an impression and is nominated for this award.

Former winners of the award for most LGBTQ-friendly destination include Los Angeles and Miami, both known for their vibrant gay villages with a large share of LGBTQ residents and shops, activities and nightlife that cater to this segment.

– We don’t really have a gay village in Copenhagen, says Lars Christian Østergreen. – But we often refer to Copenhagen as the gay village of Northern Europe, because our entire city is a safe space for LGBTQ people, not just an isolated part of the city.

The British LGBT Awards has 17 categories. You can vote for your favorite here until March 23, and the winners will be announced at an award show on May 11.