Copenhagen Mayors Eager to Host WorldPride

Mayors support efforts from Copenhagen Pride to host WorldPride

In a letter of support, all seven mayors of Copenhagen state their wholehearted support for Copenhagen Pride’s bid to host WorldPride in 2021. The Chair of Copenhagen Pride is »excited to have the politicians’ backing«.

»It’s incredible that all mayors of Copenhagen stand with us in our fight for equality,« says Lars Henriksen, chair of Copenhagen Pride. »There are many places where LGBTQ people face persecution if they dare to even paint rainbow flags on their cheeks. So we look forward to celebrating with the whole world at Copenhagen 2021.«

Copenhagen 2021 is the name of the event that Copenhagen Pride and the Danish LGBTQ sports association Pan Idraet aims to create by hosting WorldPride and EuroGames in 2021. With a letter of support from the seven mayors of Copenhagen, they have come a bit closer to fulfilling their goal.

Support from both sides of the aisle

The seven mayors represent six parties from across the political spectrum. They state that the City is »determined to make this a world-class event that changes lives – in Copenhagen and in the world« and that WorldPride participants would be welcomed »to one of the most LGBT friendly destinations on the planet.«

When Denmark legalized same-sex unions in 1989 as the first country in the world, LGBTQ people started flocking to Copenhagen to get married, and the city was named “the most gay-friendly place on earth” by Lonely Planet in 2014.

Lars Henriksen explains that: »Copenhagen 2021 will be a milestone in the quest for equal rights by amplifying the voices of the global LGBTQ community and calling on decision-makers around the world to once and for all regard LGBTQ rights as basic human rights.«

Historic support

It is historic that a local government backs a bid for WorldPride this early and invests resources already in the bidding process.  In case Copenhagen wins the bid for WorldPride and EuroGames, it will be the first time the two events are celebrated together.  

St. Pete Pride in Florida has also expressed interest in bidding to host WorldPride in 2021, but other candidates may still come forward.

Copenhagen 2021 is the mega event that combines EuroGames and WorldPride for the first time ever. We invite the whole world to a spectacular celebration of sportsmanship, LGBTQ rights and love – wrapped up in a rainbow-colored pride party where #YouAreIncluded.