At the present time we are continuing to plan for full delivery of all Copenhagen 2021 events


Last updated 8 April 2021

The COVID19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on communities around the world. Many events, including EuroPride 2020 in Thessaloniki and EuroGames 2020 in Düsseldorf, were cancelled. Our thoughts and good wishes are with everyone affected, wherever they are.

The health, safety and well-being of the public and visitors is our highest priority, and we take the threat posed by COVID19 very seriously. We are monitoring the situation closely and taking the advice of the Danish and Swedish health authorities and police, and local and national governments. In line with current government restrictions, our team are encouraged to work from home although our office is open.

At the present time we are continuing to plan for full delivery of all Copenhagen 2021 events taking into the account the guidance and recommendations that apply now and whatever guidance is in place in August 2021. We are greatly encouraged by the Danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, telling Good Morning Denmark on 11 March that festivals are ‘within reach’.

We have published details of our digital delivery plan, outlining those events that we will livestream, broadcast, and have interactive elements.

Further, in case we are not able to deliver the full event according to the current plans, we have prepared various contingency plans, as outlined below.

In case of cancellation of an event due to COVID19, tickets and registration fees (for example for EuroGames or the Human Rights Conference) for the cancelled event will be fully refundable.


We are working to three broad scenarios in which we may find ourselves in August 2021 based on different levels of pandemic spread at the time.

Scenario 1

Scenario 1 is based on full delivery of our long-standing plans for Copenhagen 2021, based on the bids we presented for WorldPride to InterPride and for EuroGames to the EGLSF. Scenario 1 is our preferred option.

The development and roll-out of vaccines against COVID19 is moving at a rapid pace, and we are optimistic that global vaccination programs will enable us to deliver the full event and for international visitors to come to Denmark and Sweden.

For this reason, at the present time we continue to plan for the event based on Scenario 1, whilst regularly monitoring the situation in Denmark, Sweden and internationally.

Scenario 2

Scenario 2 may be relevant if social distancing is still necessary in August 2021. Wherever possible we will deliver events with social distancing and strict COVID19 hygiene in place, but events for which this is not feasible will pivot to a digital model. We will deliver the majority of our planned events, but some will be in a different format or location.

Concerts and ceremonies: These may be ticketed to help us ensure the number of people in a given space does not exceed local or national guidelines. Concerts and ceremonies will remain free of charge wherever possible.

EuroGames: An assessment will be made of each tournament to ascertain whether or not the competition can be run safely. Several, such as Triathlon, Golf and Esport can take place with social distancing in place. Others may be more difficult and a decision will be made in each case. If we have to cancel a tournament due to COVID19, all registration fees will be fully refundable.

WorldPride Parade: We are considering the possibility of creating a Parade where people can participate in family, friend or colleague groups, and in another socially distanced way. This might make the Parade longer in time and distance, for example, but we are looking into all options.

Conferences and Seminars: The Human Rights Conference is ticketed and registrations will be limited in number to ensure that we can accommodate participants at safe distances. Other conferences and seminars may be ticketed in a similar way. We had always planned for key conference sessions to be streamed so that people can participate remotely, and this will continue.

Arts & Culture spaces: We will monitor the numbers of people attending. At times when we expect them to be busy we may require registration to help us ensure the number of people in a given space does not exceed local or national guidelines. External cultural partners will be expected to follow the relevant guidelines.

Signature Parties: These are ticketed and we will limit ticket sales to ensure venues do not hold too many people.

Scenario 3

Scenario 3 is our ‘worst-case scenario’ and regardless how highly unlikely this scenario is to be brought into effect, we, as responsible and ethical hosts of WorldPride and EuroGames, must consider alternative delivery options in case of severe restrictions on travel, movement, public gatherings and major events.

In Scenario 3, we will pivot to a completely digital model and we will not hold any physical events. The following events would be amongst those that would take place a digital format under Scenario 3:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Evening Concerts
  • Human Rights Conference
  • 1:1 Democracy Festival
  • Pride House Malmö
  • Sports Leader Conference
  • Closing Ceremony and Handovers

Further details on the format of the events will be published in due course, in case Scenario 3 becomes effective.


Scenario 3 (above) demonstrates that even with the most severe restrictions in place, we can deliver some of the core elements of Copenhagen 2021. However, some events – such as EuroGames tournaments – could not be executed in a digital format, but we are determined to continue with delivery of Copenhagen 2021 in the most viable format.


We do not consider that postponement of the events is an appropriate course of action. Whilst no WorldPride takes place in 2022, Sydney’s WorldPride takes place early in 2023 and so a postponement of our WorldPride to August 2022 would leave only six months between our event and theirs, and we consider this unfair to Sydney and their own plans. EuroGames in 2022 is awarded to Nijmegen and EuroPride 2022 to Belgrade and we will not ask them to postpone.

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