Badminton is the 2nd most popular sport in the world. It is quite popular in EuroGames, too. So get ready for when we open registration.


The badminton tournament will take place Wednesday, August 18 to Friday, August 20, 2021 at the great facilities of Grøndal Multicenter in Copenhagen.

You can participate as Single and Double. We offer the following levels in both disciplines:

  • A
  • B+
  • B-
  • C+
  • C-

In Single you can participate as male-identified, female-identified or non-binary.

In the Double discipline we offer two types of tournaments. One for same-sex couples (male/male, female/female, non-binary/non-binary) and one for all genders couple.

The badminton tournament will be judged according to the Badminton World Federation’s rules. You can find them here.

A more detailed program for the tournament will follow.


The participation fee for EGLSF-members is 90 Euros and 120 Euros for non-members.

When you sign up as an athlete for EuroGames 2021, you will have plenty of benefits and offers at our International mega event, Copenhagen 2021.

  • You will participate in a professionally organized tournament (of course)
  • You can be a part of the EuroGames Opening Ceremony on Wednesday, August 18
  • You can be part of the EuroGames Closing Ceremony and take part in the WorldPride Parade on Saturday, August 21
  • You have access to the Sports Village
  • You have access to affordable accommodation in Copenhagen and Malmö
  • You have affordable fees for public transportation in Copenhagen and Malmö
  • You have access to pre-sale tickets for signature parties
  • You have access to a lot of sports, human rights, arts, and cultural events in Copenhagen and Malmö from August 12 – 22, 2021


The badminton tournament will take place at Grøndal Multicenter in Copenhagen.

Besides badminton, there will be tournaments in squash, bowling, and Esports at Grøndal Multicenter.

Grøndal Multicenter is a multi-sports center located close to green areas. You can easily get there by public transport, and downtown Copenhagen is only 15 minutes away. If you have the opportunity to go there by bicycle, you can easily do that as well. There are bike paths all over Copenhagen, and it will only take you 20 minutes.


Copenhagen 2021 is organizing the tournament in cooperation with the Pan Idræt’s Badminton team.

All of the above is subject to change.

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Key Facts

Tournament dates
August 18 – 20

Grøndal Multicenter
Hvidkildevej 64
2400 KBH NV

Distance from Copenhagen City Hall Square
5,7 km (approx. 20 minutes on bike)

Public Transport
Train and Bus

Single and Double

A, B+, B-, C+, and C-

Gender Categories
Male-identified, Female-identified and Non-Binary

Expected participants


Participant Fee
EGLSF members: 90 Euros
Non-EGLSF members: 120 Euros

Partners and Sponsors

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