Ballroom Dancing

We loved dancing with you in Copenhagen!

Ballroom Dancing

The Ballroom Dancing tournament took place from Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 August 2021 at Hal C in Copenhagen.

The EuroGames 2021 Ballroom Dancing tournament was certified by ESSDA as official European Championships 2021, and was judged according to their rules: here.

Ajudicators: Soffie Dalsgaard, Denmark, Michael Vaníček, Tjekkiet; Ralf Janßen, Germany; Marta Kocik, Poland; Kai André Lillebø, Norway; Nikolaj Lund, Denmark; Kåre Mortensen, Denmark, Diego Navarro, Spain; Martin Parnov Reichhardt, Finland, Lola Svensson, Sweden, Mirian Sørensen, Denmark, Paul Wilson, Australia

Tournament leader: Mads Pedersen, Kirsten Vejlby Sørensen. Katja Mikkelsen

Speakers: Martin Lauesen.

Dance categories: Open and senior standard, Latin, 10 Dance.

Standard and Latin For male couples, female couples, or mixed/ non-binary couples the Standard and Latin categories were danced as separate Open (+18) or Senior competitions. Based on qualification rounds the couples competed within classes (A, B, C, or D). The winning couples of the D class were invited to dance the C class and so on.

10 Dance The 10 dance competitions were not divided into classes. The Open and Senior 10 dance competitions were danced together within the different gender categories as Open competitions, and the combined age of the dance partners will automatically be calculated for the senior competition results as well. This meannt that within one 10 dance gender category you could only have one partner. Since the 10 dance competitions were danced simultaneously, you could only dance either the male, the female or the mixed/non-binary category.


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