Don't get hit by the ball, easy right? Take up the challenge and join us for the fun and intense Dodgeball competition.


The Dodgeball tournament will take place on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 August 2021 at Østerbro Stadion in Copenhagen.

Dodgeball will have one tournament where all teams, regardless of gender, are welcome. All teams will play at the same level.

Dodgeball will be a no-sting open tournament. Each team may have a maximum of 8 players. The tournament will be judged according to Pan Idræts Dodgeball rules. You can find them here.


Day 1
0900 – 1600
Day 2
0900 – 1600


The participation fee for EGLSF members is €90, and for non-members €120. 

When you sign up as an athlete for EuroGames 2021, you will enjoy the broad benefits of participation in the whole of Copenhagen 2021, including 

  • Participation in a professionally organised tournament 
  • Joining the EuroGames Opening Ceremony on Wednesday 18 August 
  • Taking part in the WorldPride Parade and Copenhagen 2021 Closing Ceremony on Saturday 21 August 
  • Activities in the Sports Village 
  • Access to pre-sale tickets for nightly Signature Parties in Copenhagen and Malmö 
  • You have access to more than 200 sports, human rights, arts, and cultural events in Copenhagen and Malmö from 12-22 August! 


The Dodgeball tournament will take place at Østerbro Stadion in Copenhagen. It is a sports facility located at the Track & Field stadium. You will therefore be able to attend as the audience for the Track & Field competition as well. Next to you will find Øbro Hallen, just 1 minute away, which is where the Artistic Swimming and Diving competition will take place. Øbro Hallen has a great relaxing wellness area, which you can use against payment. It contains a spa pool, roman steam bath, lightroom, infrared sauna and much more. In the neighbourhood, you will find a large, public park called Fælledparken, lots of cafés, restaurants, and shopping options.

Besides Dodgeball, Østerbro Stadion will also host the Track & Field tournament. Next to the Diving, Artistic Swimming and Tennis tournament will take place.


Copenhagen 2021 is organising the tournament in cooperation with Pan Idræt’s Dodgeball team.


If you’ve got questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. 

Facebook event

Join the Facebook event for Dodgeball and meet other competitors and spectators! 

Key Facts

Tournament dates
19 – 20 August

Østerbro Stadion
Gunner Nu Hansens Plads 7

Distance from Copenhagen City Hall Square
4 km (approx. 15 minutes by bike)

Public Transport
Train, Metro, and Bus

Gender Categories
All Genders

Expected participants 

Pan Idræt’s Rules

Participant Fee 
EGLSF members: 90
Non-EGLSF members: 120

Partners and Sponsors

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