Thank you for joining our dodgeball tournament in Copenhagen!


The Dodgeball tournament took place on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 August 2021 at Østerbro Stadion in Copenhagen.

Dodgeball had one tournament where all teams, regardless of gender, are welcome. All teams played at the same level. The tournament will be judged according to Pan Idræts Dodgeball rules. You can find them here.


Copenhagen 2021 organised the tournament in cooperation with Pan Idræt’s Dodgeball team.


Competitive Division

Gold:  Texas Tea Baggers, USA 

Silver:  The Incrediballs, Denmark 

Bronze:  Swedish Spectaculars, Sweden 

Social Division

Gold:  Jen’s Bunnies 

Silver:  Team Whores 

Bronze:  Kristy’s Bitches 

Partners and Sponsors

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