EuroGames Outreach Program

We can support some athletes financially to enable their participation at EuroGames

EuroGames Outreach Program

We are striving to make EuroGames in Copenhagen truly inclusive, and we prioritise bringing people from less affluent communities to Copenhagen. To cover outreach for EuroGames 2021, we have established an outreach fund that will allow us to bridge social and economic gaps and bring athletes to Copenhagen for EuroGames 2021.

We will provide an outreach budget amounting to minimum 3.5% of the EuroGames tournament budget and seek partnerships to raise these funds, use sponsorships funds and ask athletes to donate in solidarity. Besides providing financial assistance, our outreach program will also provide athletes with invitation letters. To find more information about visa application, click here.


The Outreach Program is a support program of the EuroGames 2021, aimed at potential participants from the LGBTI+ community in European countries, where being open about one’s true self is not legal, not possible or entails discrimination from the state and/or society. We prioritize helping many with some support, rather than fewer with a bigger level of financial support.

Decisions are made by the outreach team within the agreed overall budget.

Local hosts will be sought if free accommodation is requested. If the demand is higher than the supply of hosts, the outreach team can assign a suitable place to stay in camping sites, hostels or hotels. This may be a shared room. In this case, appropriate requests regarding your gender identity will be considered.

There is no legal entitlement to participate in the outreach program or to the amount of financial aid. Financial support of further costs beyond those already applied for, is not a possibility.

Levels of Outreach:

  • The minimum outreach award is free participation in EuroGames 2021, as well as one free meal per day of competition.
  • The next level of outreach is free participation in EuroGames 2021, one free meal per day of competition and free accommodation.
  • The maximum level of outreach is free participation in EuroGames 2021, extra free meal tickets, free accommodation, and a possible stipend.


Applicants are members of the LGBTQI+ community and qualify for outreach support if their living situation corresponds with one of the three categories below:

  • People living in European countries with no or limited LGBTQI+ rights, such as countries in Eastern Europe or in Southeast Europe.
  • People whose country of origin is as above but are currently not residing there, and who may experience financial difficulties or discrimination because of their situation, such as migrants or minorities.
  • People outside of Europe, living in a country with no or limited LGBTQI+ rights.

As the EuroGames are mostly targeted at a European audience, applications from categories the first two points will be given priority. The organisation will base the eligibility of European countries with regard to LGBTQI+ rights on Rainbow Europe, as developed by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) as stated on their website and in its annual review of the human rights situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people in Europe and Central Asia. Furthermore, we will consider:

  • A balance of all identities
  • As many sports as possible


The deadline for applying to the Outreach Program will be midnight on Sunday 4 July.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. All applicants will be informed on the outcome of their application by 12 July.

The application

Athletes who wish to apply to the outreach program are to fill out an application form outlining their motivation behind their application, why they should be selected for support, and providing the organisation with a supportive statement from a second party, e.g. (sport) clubs, local (LGBTQI+) organisations, friends, employers, etc.

Incomplete applications will not be considered and support will not be extended to any accompanying partner.

The application is now officially closed.

Partners and Sponsors

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