Sports Leader Conference Workshop Program

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Sports Leader Conference Workshop Program
  • Monday 16 August
  • CPH Conference Centre, DGI Byen, Copenhagen
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Workshop program

There will be 4 workshop sessions during Monday, and each session will have a few workshops happening simultaneously.

11:00-12:30 Workshop Session 1

OrganizerEC*L and EGLSF
TitleViolence and discrimination
against LBTI women in sports
DescriptionBeginning of 2021, EL*C, ILGA Europe, TGEU, OII Europe and EGLSF have worked together on the topic of violence and discrimination suffered by LBTI women in sport. LBTI women engage and participate in sport at every level, as professional and amateur athletes, coaches and spectators. Their experience within sport is however tainted by specific challenges, episodes of violence, harassment and discrimination. The 5 European networks will therefore collaborate in the organisation of a workshop, presenting the results and the set of recommendation derived from this common work
TitleLGBTIQ+ Sport in Central and Eastern Europe
DescriptionAim: To raise awareness about the state-of-play regarding LGBTIQ+ sport in CEE countries and facilitate partnerships among Western and Eastern European sports clubs. Structure: Three presentations about the situation of sports in CEE countries will be delivered. A World Café will be facilitated by Lilly Dragoeva aimed at getting insight into: similarities between Western and Eastern clubs, differences between Western and Eastern clubs, concrete ideas for collaboration between Western and Eastern clubs. Outcomes: Raised awareness about situation in CEE countries; Ideas for joint initiatives are identified; Partnerships are formed.
OrganizerGendered Intelligence
TitleTrans Inclusivity in Sports Settings
DescriptionThis session is about the basics of trans inclusion in sport settings. It will cover:
• Introduction (welcome, About Gendered Intelligence, session outline)
• What does ‘trans’ mean? / the diversity of trans people
• Our picture of sex and gender – the context for trans people
• Why working on trans inclusion is important – example stats / real-life quotes
• Top tips: Good practice working with trans people in sport including: Simple, practical approaches to managing terms and language. Approaches to facilities such as changing rooms
OrganizerDGI Sønderjylland
TitleVolunteer Recruitment
DescriptionIn this workshop we will work around different perspectives of working with volunteers:
• How to spot a potential volunteer
• How to ask the right way
• How to give a good introduction of your organization/club
• How to make sure the right assignments are given to the right person
• How to create a nice place to be volunteer
• How to “nurture” a volunteer
• How can we work with the fact that volunteers have different motivations to become volunteers?  
OrganizerStonewall UK
TitlePushing forward: Centring Queerness in Performance Sport and Player Care
DescriptionMuch has developed in the last decade around performance sport Player Care—that is, looking after the welfare and mental edge of athletes as they move through the elite sport lifecycle. This work, however, is only starting to look at how players’ identities can affect their performance and how celebrating differences, including LGBTQ+ identities, is critical to achieving sustainable success.
This workshop will explore the how centring queer identities as an aspect of Player Care provisions can unlock athletes’ personal enjoyment and performance potential. We will introduce the work being done in this field, look at new directions for growth, and discuss ways to embed these discussions in sport environments. Participants will explore what this looks like in practice and write an action plan for taking learnings back to their own sport settings.

13:15-14:00 Workshop Session 2

OrganizerRussian LGBT+ Sports Federation
TitleExperience of Running an LGBT Sports Federation
in Eastern Europe
DescriptionWhat is it like to run an LGBTIQ sports organisation in modern-day Russia? How do you balance the need to be outspoken about the rights of your community and basic security of your members? How do you empower the LGBTIQ persons through sport in a country which denies these persons’ very existence?And finally, is there hope to change things for the better? 
Russian LGBT Sports Federation, established in 2011, still remains the only officially registered LGBTIQ organization in Russia. Throughout this decade, it has seen the dramatic shift in  the public policy from “turning the blind eye” to open hostility but stays true to its mission of empowering the LGBTIQ community in Russia through sport. 
In this workshop, the President of the Russian LGBTIQ Sports Federation will share the experience of navigating the organization in a complex environment and will facilitate discussion on the various perspectives of the LGBTIQ sports in Eastern Europe.  
OrganizerFederation of Gay Games
TitleDiversity and Inclusion in the Sports Industry
DescriptionA study by J. Walter Thompson found that only 48 percent of 13 to 20-year-olds identify as “exclusively heterosexual”. What do these numbers mean to the sports industry? Will young athletes feel at home in a heteronormative industry? What will the future of the Olympics and other major events look like? Is the sports industry preparing itself for change? Shiv Paul, FGG’s VP of External Relations will discuss LGBTQ+ activism in sports, the political relevance of the Gay Games, and share data that makes the case for a new style partnership with the Sports Industry.
OrganizerLEAP Sports
TitleGame on: An Intersex Story
DescriptionYou’re passionate about your sport, you’re doing really well – definitely one to watch, there’s now a chance you’re going to be selected for the national team. Every athlete’s dream? Not when selection means that you’re suddenly faced with a newly introduced gender testing policy that you’ll probably fail.
OrganizerEverton F.C. and Hummel
TitleBuilding sustainable partnerships between sponsors and grassroot organizations

14:15-15:45 Workshop Session 3

OrganizerGendered Intelligence
TitleTrans Inclusion in Teams and Competition
DescriptionThis session is about including trans people in playing sport itself. It will cover:
• Introduction (welcome, about Gendered Intelligence, session outline)
• What does ‘trans’ mean? / the diversity of trans people
• Our picture of sex and gender – the context for trans people
• Thinking about safety and fairness – assumptions and questions to consider
• Changing the frame – a perspective on inclusion in gendered sports
• Common barriers and inclusive models
• What is it useful to find out?
• Real-life quotes
OrganizerGAME, The Danish Platform for Streetsports & SKATEDUCATE
TitleExperiences From the Field: LGBTI+ Inclusion Through Street Sports
DescriptionGet inspired by the potentials of street sport as an inclusive and empowering space for individuals facing minorisation. A talk facilitated by The Danish Platform for Streetsports between rolemodels from GAME and SKATEDUCATE, will highlight the experiences of creating inclusive spaces for women, non-binary and ethnic minorities into meaningful sports communities. This talk will act as the base for an interactive brainstorm on how to create wider inclusion of LGBTQI+ individuals in (street) sports. Bring your sneaks and get moved by the innovative potentials of the asphalt! 
TitleLBTQ+ Women in Sports
DescriptionTo provide a space for LBTQ+ women in sports to come together and discuss current trends, share success stories and identify common challenges.
The facilitator will split the participants into three self-organized groups to discuss: trends and the future, success stories we can learn from, common challenges. Each group will present in front of the others. A facilitated joint solution-oriented discussion will follow focusing on transferability of best practices and overcoming identified challenges.
Outcomes: Raised awareness about the current situation; Partnerships are encouraged; Set of solutions are drafted.
OrganizerFC Rosengård
TitleInclusion in Mainstream Sports
DescriptionThe world of sports is a place of community and joy, but the traditions and the strict gender division are problematic. Together, we discuss the benefits and challenges of sport when it comes to inclusion. FC Rosengård is a football association that works actively to become more inclusive in one of the world’s most traditionally characterized sports.

16:00-16:45 Workshop Session 4

TitleHow can we build our sports communities and clubs more effectively using digital means?
DescriptionFuture (and digital technology) is already here and can hardly be ignored. But how do we harness all this technology to make better, more sustainable and popular LGBTIQ sports clubs and teams? What works best in helping our respective sports communities grow, develop and attract bigger and more diverse audience – and what doesn’t ? Is there a one-fits-it-all tool that can help us get from the old-school ways of building up our sports to growing exponentially and getting our message and mission out there?

Elena Lipilina, the co-founder of will be hosting this interactive workshop to collaboratively find answers to these questions and offer practical digital solutions to some of the most pressing issues in developing the LGBTIQ sports clubs and communities the new way. 
OrganizerLEAP Sport
TitleMore Than Sport?
DescriptionThis session will provide a practice example of how LGBTIQ+ sports organisations can work in the advocacy space and explore the wider impact they can have in society in a way that goes beyond simply access and participation. LEAP Sports Scotland began life as an umbrella federation for LGBTIQ+ sports clubs in Scotland, and whilst still fulfilling this very important role, has gone on to develop national partnerships and undertake policy and influencing work in Scottish sport and Scottish society. The session will provide practical tips and an opportunity for some discussion.
OrganizerFederation of Gay Games
TitleWhat’s Your Story?
DescriptionWhat we initially present to the world does not reveal the full extent of who we are. In the first part of this session, Shiv Paul and Jon Lee will encourage you to explore your place in a changing environment that spotlights inclusion. We will review Allyship and Advocacy: what it is, where you are on the spectrum and what tips and tools can you use immediately to help make positive change. In groups you will discuss other ways to be allies and advocates though sharing your own experiences of what you want others to know and not assume about you.
The second part of the session will be you recording yourselves or each other with an explanation of your identity ending with the phrase ‘Stop Hate Be Human’. You will be encouraged to post this on social media with the #stophatebehuman. An example of the #stophatebehuman campaign can be seen here.
Recording and posting of your video is optional.

Photo by Hivan Arvizu on Unsplash

Workshop program highlights
  • Building sustainable partnerships
  • COVID recovery
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • LBGTQ+ sports in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Digital means of inclusion
  • Recruitment
  • Organization of tournaments and events
  • Pride and politics of sports
  • Trans inclusion
  • LGBTQ+ women in sports
  • Social media

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