Water Polo

Thank you for joining our Water Polo tournament in Copenhagen!

Water Polo

The Water Polo tournament took place from Tuesday 17 to Friday 20 August 2021 at Bellahøj Aqua Arena in Copenhagen.

The Water Polo tournament was judged according to the FINA rules. You can find them here.


Copenhagen 2021 organised the tournament in cooperation with Pan Idræt’s Water Polo team and the Danish Swimming Federation.


Recreational league 

Gold: Paris Aquatique 1 and Paris Aquatique 2

Silver: –

Bronze: London Orca+

4th: Frogs & Princess

(No placement games for the remaining 4 teams: Amsterdam Waterproof, Berlin Aquaholics R, Panderellas, Pantastic) 

Competitive league 

Gold: Berlin Aquaholics A

Silver: Berlin Aquaholics B

Bronze: Paris Aquatique

4th: London Orca+

Partners and Sponsors

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