Flügger enters into colourful partnership with Copenhagen 2021

Flügger enters into colourful partnership with Copenhagen 2021

26 October 2020

Flügger is partnering with Copenhagen 2021 – organising WorldPride and EuroGames in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmö, Sweden – next year. Together with Copenhagen 2021, Flügger wants to focus on dialogue to create a greater understanding of equality and diversity.

Flügger is partnering with Copenhagen 2021, which is organising WorldPride & EuroGames in Copenhagen and Malmö in the period 12-22 August 2021. WorldPride & EuroGames is expected to be the most important global LGBTI+ event in 2021. During the 10 days of events, WorldPride will focus on sport, love, human rights, equality and diversity, thousands of athletes will participate in EuroGames, Copenhagen will ooze art and cultural activities, and the stage will be set for one of the most significant LGBTI+ events focusing on human rights through conferences and dialogue.

Rainbow swatches

As part of the partnership, Flügger will supply a new colourful design of the well-known swatches, which customers can have tinted in all colours of the rainbow, and will donate DKK 3.50 to Copenhagen 2021 for each sold swatch in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Speaking about the background of the partnership with Copenhagen 2021, Head of Communication, Ulla Matthiesen, says:

“Among other things, Copenhagen 2021 celebrates equality and diversity. As a Copenhagen 2021 partner, Flügger wants to highlight dialogue as a means of achieving greater understanding, inclusiveness, openness and respect for each other.”

Dialogue benches, art and creativity

To create space and opportunities for dialogue, Flügger is launching a series of initiatives that can set the stage for dialogue – both in the public arena and at home.

Flügger plans to decorate a number of ‘dialogue benches’ to be placed in selected public areas in connection with Copenhagen 2021. Flügger has also entered a creative partnership with two of Denmark’s most acclaimed artists – Michael Kvium and Maria Rubinke – who will decorate two unique benches that will subsequently be sold at auction for the benefit of Copenhagen 2021.

To promote dialogue within the home and engage children, Flügger has also launched a stylish wallpaper with the iconic rainbow, for each roll sold Flügger will donate DKK 20.00 to Copenhagen 2021.

“We hope that our actions can help set the stage for dialogue between people, and preferably dialogue based on equality and diversity. We believe that the path to greater inclusiveness begins with greater openness – with each other, the stranger next to us – and in relation to our differences. This is what we want to help create focus on and opportunity for,” stresses Ulla Matthiesen.

The swatches and the Proud to be Me wallpaper can be purchased in Flügger colour stores across the country now.