Algorithmic Diversity: Zero Exclusion, AI & Ethics (Neurodiversity Accessibility & Human Rights Frameworks)

Break Out Session Round #6


During the live session, we will dive into the meaning and application of algorithmic diversity in technology (including such cases as neurodiversity). Using the latest experiences, cases and research, we will analyze the current state and problems of inclusive innovation and technology, including the problems of representation and criteria, inclusive research and design-thinking, the building of inclusive products (AI-driven platforms, devices, apps, social and emotional robotics), ethical considerations and concerns (the “black-box” and “double-check” problems, transparency, explainability, fairness, surveillance), shortcomings of current technology ecosystems, policies and human rights frameworks. 



● Neuro Representation in data science and AI teams  

● Inclusive and neurodiverse solutions in hiring, learning, wellbeing and creative fields  

● Collaborative AI, Data & NLP for open-source neuro solutions 

● Ethics, policies and human rights 

Upcoming papers: 

Ecosystems: MIT (Fellow), European Commission / ISDI (EIR), 500 Startups (EIR), Insead (EIR), Women in AI (EIR/board), All Tech Is Human (Fellow)  

Recent appearances: AI Asia Conference, MozFest UK, Cognitive AI Switzerland, Spark Fest Australia, Horasis Summit AI US, AI Summit New York,  CreAItivity, Digital AI Conclave, 

Disability Tech UK, Way Davos etc (North America, Europe, APAC, Middle East, Australia) 

Upcoming papers

●  AI Ethics & Algorithmic Diversity; (Germany)  

●  Ai Ethics, DEI & Postcolonial Technology (MIT, Global) 


Yonah Welker 


Independent, (,org) 

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