Emotional Harm in Healthcare – How can we create an emotionally safe healthcare system for LGBTI+ people?

Break Out Session Round #2


Have you ever experienced a lack of respect, affront to your dignity or microaggressions in the healthcare system? If so, you’ve probably been exposed to emotional harm. 

Emotional harm can have long-term consequences and can affect patients’ trust and attitudes towards healthcare, that may subsequently also affect their physical health.  

Participants at this session will:  

  • Gain an understanding of the theoretical concept of emotional harm.  
  • Be presented with examples and perspectives on how to prevent emotional harm for LGBTI+ people.  
  • Discuss how we can raise awareness about emotional harm in healthcare. 


Kamilla Kamaruddin


Ove Gaardboe


Senior Advisor, Med.Sc.D

Jens Christian Reventlov


Senior Advisor

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