Joining forces against torture and violence against the LGBT+ community in the MENA region

Break Out Session Round #2


The panel will provide a snapshot of the interrelation of the fight for equal rights and protection of the LGBTIQ+ community and activists engaged into the prevention of torture and facilitating access to justice and reparation for the survivors. 

The workshop will firstly provide an introduction to the struggle of the LGBTIQ+ community in MENA; following, the focus is narrowed to the experience of Tunisia via the intervention of an activist from Tuniias; the next speakers will then elaborate on the relevance of anti-torture expertise vis-à-vis the struggle of the LGBTIQ+ community; the focus will be moved to issues pertaining to the international legal standards and jurisprudence when it comes to the vulnerable position of member of the LGBTIQ+ community in MENA; finally, the discussion will conclude with a focus on the experience of LGBTIQ+ people in prisons.   


Abir Bechwal  

International Program Manager (SWANA region), LGBT+ Denmark

Giorgio Caracciolo 


Senior Programme Advisor, Dignity – Danish Institute Against Torture

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