Legal Obligations of States to Protect the Rights of LGBTQI and Gender Diverse Persons

Break Out Session Round #4


In our Break Out Session, special remarks will be provided by a Cameroon presenter. Next, three additional presenters will analyse three African country contexts (Uganda, Nigeria, and South Africa) in terms of absolute sovereignty exceptions as well as legal obligations of States to protect the rights of LGBTQI and Gender Diverse Persons. These three presenters will discuss also their methodology that relied heavily on reports, acts/laws, and additional documentation. Five beginning strategies (by which LGBTQI and Gender Diverse Persons in Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda can further organise and hold to account their States) will be shared. These five strategies are not simple to address; they are recommendations that can suggest further conversations around the rights of LGBTQI and Gender Diverse Persons. 



Lerato Moloko Mphahlele


Chairperson, Legal and Policy Sub-Committee, South African Union of Students

Lerato Moloko Mphahlele is the Chairperson of the Legal and Policy Sub-Committee of the 7th South African Union of Students. She holds a Bachelor’s degree (in Mathmatical Science with majors in Statistics and Computer Science) from Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University in South Africa. She has been involved in the university student sector with a key focus on advocating and advancing student entrepreneurship development / support within univerisities.


Alice Nkom 


Barrister; Chairperson, Association for the Defence of Homosexuality

Alice Nkom is a Barrister and the Chairperson of the Association for the Defence of Homosexuality. She was the first woman to become part of the Bar Association in Cameroon, working then with the prestigious VIAZZI firm. Barrister Nkom has studied at the Univeristy of Toulouse in France and the Federal University of Cameroon respectively. To date, she continues to advocate for the human rights of most marginalised populations in Cameroon. For example, in major legal cases, Nkom has defended Cameroonians suspected of same sex relationships. Barrister Nkom has received several awards, three of them are the 7th Human Rights Award by the German section of Amnesty International in 2014; the Central Africa Shield Award by the Pan-African Human Rights Defenders Network in 2015; and France’s Liberty Prize in 2018. She has faced intimidation and death threats; she remains a human rights defender.

Portia Comenetia Allen

Portia or Comenetia or Allen

Advocacy and Fundraising Lead, Amahoro Human Respect

Portia Comenetia Allen has been fundraising in Africa for two decades (primarily in East Africa with local communities and non-governmental organisations); collaboratively, they have raised ~$10 million for education, health, and human rights projects. Currently, Allen works as the Advocacy and Fundraising Lead with Amahoro Human Respect in Rwanda. She is a human rights defender; also, a lifelong volunteer, having volunteered mostly in Africa and North America. She holds a Master of Arts degree (in Modern International Studies) from the University of Leeds in England and a Bachelor of Arts degree (in History and Geography) from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in the United States of America.

 Augusta Aondoaver Yaakugh


Executive Director, Lex Initiative for Rights Advocacy and Development 

Augusta Aondoaver Yaakugh is a Nigerian-based lawyer, gender advocate and rights activist. She has 10+ years of experience in the human rights and governance sector, also with compliance and regulatory issues. Yaakugh has a special interest in corporate accountability plus human and environmental institutional engagement. She has worked with several initiatives focused on gender, digital freedom, equality, rights of women and girls, as well as sexual minorities. She holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Benue State University in Nigeria. Also, she holds a Master’s degree (in Corporate Law and Governance) from Nasarawa State University in Nigeria.

James Katlego Chibamba


Grantmaking Coordinator, The Other Foundation

James Katlego Chibamba is a Johannesburg-based human rights defender, born in Kimberley, South Africa. He is a fellow of the Human Sciences Research Council & University of Central Los Angeles leadership in stigma reduction programme. An alumnus of the Young African Leadership Institute Southern Africa, and a qualified “Looking In, Looking Out” Master Trainer through Positive Vibes Trust. He holds a Bachelor of Laws degree (cum laude). During his student activism years, Chibamba, then a student radio producer and broadcaster at University of South Africa Radio, amongst other responsibilities, founded two LGBTQI+ rights organisations (Gays and Lesbians of Rustenburg; Gays and Lesbians of the University of South Africa). Currently, he is a Grants Officer at the Other Foundation, which is an African trust that works as a grantmaker and fundraiser in 13 southern African countries to advance equality as well as freedom (with a particular focus on sexual orientation and gender identity).

Lafon George Nchadze


Volunteer, Association for the Defence of Homosexuality 

Lafon George Nchadze is a graduate from the University of Buea in Cameroon; he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in political science and comparative politics. He volunteers with the Association for the Defence of Homosexuality in Cameroon. His passion is to become a human rights activist, particularly with regard to advocating for the rights of LGBTQI+ Persons in Cameroon

Hamlet Nkwain


Executive Director, Working for our Wellbeing

Hamlet Nkwain is a human rights activist and the Executive Director of Working for our Wellbeing, focusing primarily on the rights of LGBTQI+ Persons whilst working closely with the Association for the Defence of Homosexuality. Also, he is a Member of the Black Travel Guide Steering Committee.

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