LGBTQ+ wellbeing in the global south: issues, cooperation and learning

Break Out Session Round #3


Why is the focus on LGBTQ+ mental wellbeing important? What is at stake if we neglect LGBTQ+ mental well-being in the Global South? What learnings have our partners made during the collaboration so far? How to work as LGBTQ+ organisations with mental wellbeing despite LGBTQ+phobic cultural and legal barriers?
Through the voices of partners from East Africa and the MENA region, LGBT+ Denmark will discuss how best to support LGBTQ+ mental wellbeing. Presenters from Tunisia, Kenya and Tanzania will discuss these questions together each with their unique work expertise. The discussion will be moderated by LGBT+ Danmark.


Khawla Bouaziz


Project Coordinator / Secretary General at Mawjoudin

Christine Bosibori (Pinky)


Programme Director at Udada Imara

Happy G Mwakapombe (De Amor)


Programme Manager at Eagle Wings Youth Foudation

Abir Bechwal

Any pronouns

International Project Manager (North Africa) at LGBT+ Denmark

Nicole Scharf


International Programme Coordinator (East Africa) at LGBT+ Denmark

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