Pride in hostile environments: courage and community in Uganda and Eswatini

Break Out Session Round #2


Courageous activists in Uganda and Eswatini risked everything to enable Pride.  

This session will tell the story of these two Prides. 

Uganda, which has faced appalling police violence and intimidation, but where the community defiantly comes together, using smart tactics to prevent the government violating their human rights. 

Eswatini, where Pride organisers have managed to successfully bring their community together, boosting the power of the movement and avoiding threats of violence. 

This will be a story-based session with deeply moving narratives of hope, tenacity, courage and joy. 

Participants will leave the session powered up with these affirming stories and with a checklist of security issues to consider when organising Pride in hostile environments. 


Matt Beard


Executive Director, All Out


Isaac Mugisha


Chair, Pride Uganda

Melusi Simelane


Founder and Executive Director, Eswatini Sexual and Gender Minorities 

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